Hidden gems in Bavaria

Photo by: Robert Königshausen
Photo by: Robert Königshausen

Hidden gems in Bavaria

by Robert Königshausen
Stripes Europe

Bavaria is much more than Oktoberfest and traditional clothing. Why not leave the beaten path, and head out to explore great music, living traditions and cordial people? Here are some gems east of Munich.


Burghausen is home of “Internationale Jazzwoche”, a popular jazz festival held every year in the spring. They also give fresh talent a chance, so you might see some stars of tomorrow on stage!  There is also “Street of Fame” where famous jazz players such as Chet Baker, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Dave Brubeck and many others got eternized here.   

Feeling hungry? Try the best burgers in Bavaria at Bichl, a stylish urban bistro, next to the Street of Fame. Or find yourself some Bavarian specialties in one of the traditional restaurants. Whatever you choose, you’ll for sure spend a beautiful day.

Photo by: Robert Königshausen

If you love castles, be sure not to miss the Burghauser Burg, the longest castle of the world. It dates back to the 11th century and was enlarged until the 15th century to its total length of 1,051 meters. Strolling around is free.

If you want to head to Austria, it’s just beyond the Salzach-river. Walk through the cozy old-town in its distinctive Inn-Salzach style and its colorful houses, pass “Alte Brücke” (the old bridge) and find yourself in another country.

Mühldorf am Inn

The 500-meter long central place is flanked by old houses of the Inn-Salzach-Style, with a medieval tower to both ends. You can walk most of it under arcades. There is a number of cafes, restaurants and bars. Try real Italian ice-cream, or “Germknödel,“ a yeasty-dough bun, filled with plum jam, topped with hot vanilla sauce.

Photo by: Robert Königshausen


This town is one of the most visited places of pilgrimage in Europe. Visitors come for the Chapel of Grace, a small building on the central place. It’s fully packed with votive offerings along with small paintings. It’s almost only lit by candles and has a mystical atmosphere that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a different time. In the big church next door, you can find a macabre clock pendulum and the 50 centimeter-high figure of a reaper moving in step with the clock.

Love to shop? Beside the main-square, you can find “Intermarkt“, a Russian supermarket. Find some Russian-style clothes, imported food, Russian and Polish beer or chocolate-bars. 

Photo by: Robert Königshausen

Bavaria may be known for hosting Oktoberfest, but it’s also filled with hidden gems waiting to be discovered, so get out there and start exploring!

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