Hidden gems around Dresden

Hidden gems around Dresden

by Robert Königshausen
Stripes Europe

Dresden is worth a visit on its own, with lots of museums and sights. If you’ve seen all the must-sees and popular highlights, it’s time to explore these underrated places Dresden has to offer.

A breathtaking view of Bautzen. | Photo by Robert Königshausen.


This small town is situated on a hilltop, presenting marvelous views on its city wall and a number of towers. The historical center is nearly unchanged over centuries. Don’t be surprised about bilingual street names, as there are a mix of Serbians that have brought their own Slavic language to the mix., Also, be sure to get your hands on “Bautz’ner Senf”, the famous mustard produced here. The seeds are ground extra fine, to give it flavor and color. Visit the “Senfmuseum,” where you can try different sorts of it, or “Bautzner Senfladen,” to get yourself some souvenir-mustards.

Since Easter is right around the corner and you happen to be here during this holiday, you can see festive horsemen on their traditional Easter-parade. The city is near the borders to Poland and the Czech Republic, so you can easily pop into those countries.

The department store in Görlitz was used as the set for "Grand Budapest Hotel." | Photo by Robert Königshausen.


Görlitz is one of the best-preserved old towns in Germany. The streets are lined with historical buildings that will have you traveling back in time.

Perhaps one of the more popular attractions is the Görlitzer Warenhaus Department Store, which was used as setting for the movie “Grand Budapest Hotel” by Wes Anderson.  Columns and stairways were restored, and this jewel of Art Nouveau is still roofed by its original glass dome.

If you pass the Oder, which separates the town–you’ll already be in Poland. Just cross one of the bridges, and you’ll find yourself in Zgorzelec.  

Beautiful half-timbered houses in Erfurt. | Photo by Robert Königshausen.


Erfurt has two big gothic churches tower above Thuringia’s capital city. Starting from there, you can explore the well-restored old town, which is consisted of mostly medieval buildings.

Stroll along the Gera creek, around the old town, and you’ll have a beautiful view of old bridges and lots of half-timbered houses. If you’re feeling hungry, Bratwurst is sold throughout the city, and Thuringia is the home of it. It comes in a bread-roll and is best with mustard.

No matter which town you choose you’ll be surprised by the diversity of the region!

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