Gone fishing in Europe

Gone fishing in Europe

by Jeana Coleman
Stripes Europe

Love to fish? World-class fly-fishing, deep-sea fishing and “river monster” wrestling adventures await you. In fact, U.S. servicemembers who are outdoor enthusiasts can hunt, fish and shoot for sport as long as they gain the right training and certifications. Plus, there are plenty of fantastic, dream-of-a-lifetime fishing opportunities to be found across the continent for individuals and groups, either with or without guides. So, grab a friend or two, get certified or book a trip now for truly adventurous and fun fishing excursions. 

License and permit, please
There are really no public fishing waters in Germany. Most of the rights to fish lakes and streams are owned or leased by private businesses, angler clubs and organizations. However, you can still fish if you have a license and permit. DoD ID holders interested can take a certification class and exam at MWR or FSS Outdoor Recreation centers.

Cast the line
Once you have your license, find the spot you would like to fish. Then, figure out who controls the rights and inquire on permits. A good place to start is to ask anyone already fishing the area. You can usually buy a permit that gives you permission to fish anywhere from one day to up to a month for just a few euros.

Your local Outdoor Rec center may have a list of locations where you can fish for these species and how to locate the owner and permit. Or, you can choose to book a fishing trip through them. Several times a year, Outdoor Rec schedules fishing trips great for the whole family. Fees vary depending on the length of trip and location, and will include permit fees, tackle, transportation and of course, the fish you catch. For more information about upcoming trips, courses and more, contact your local installation’s MWR or ODR office.

Germany offers a large array of fish species for sport fishing, including several varieties of trout such as brown, brook, grayling and rainbow; catfish varieties of waller and wels; as well as other species such as pike, perch, walleye, lake char, taimen and carp.

Set the hook
If you’re looking for a more exotic location to drop a line, you are only a few hours away from some of the world’s most exciting sport fishing. Check out these locations and angling excursion websites for your dream fishing getaway — to chase the one that hopefully won’t get away. 

Northern Italy – Whether you’re fishing roaring rivers in the Alps or wading small streams of Tuscany, you’ll find fantastic fly-fishing for marbled and hybrid trout and grayling. Look to Cortina d’Ampezzo and Veneto as the best locations. 
Slovenia – Its clear, Alpine rivers are overloaded with trout varieties of brown, brook, marble, rainbow and grayling. Slovenia is unique in the number of rivers and locations to fish — which makes this country a hidden gem and fishing hotspot!

Spain - In the Canary Islands you’ll find deep-sea dream fishing at its best. One or multi-day excursions offer opportunities to land blue marlin, dolphin, tuna, shark and wahoo. For some of the finest fly-fishing excursions, the lakes and streams along the foothills of the Pyrenees are sure to please. Then, tackle the river monsters at Rio Ebro. Here you’ll find catfish and carp upwards of 300 pounds.

Ireland - Partake in reef fishing off of Clare or Achill Island on Ireland’s West Coast and you’ll find a variety that includes mackerel, pollack, wrasse, whiting, haddock, cod, trigger and more. Move inland for spectacular fly-fishing along the rivers and lakes for wild brown trout, sea trout and Atlantic salmon. 

United Kingdom - The Orkney Islands of Scotland are a jewel for their beaches and their fishing. Cast a line at the Lochs of Stenness and Harray for salmon, trout, bass, cod, hake and shark. Want to wrangle in a mammoth 30+ pound carp? These locations are considered the best of the UK:  Creedy Lakes, Devon; Celtic Lakes, Wales; Churchwood Fisheries, Essex and Carney Pools, Staffordshire.

These are but a few of the great fishing destinations waiting for you to discover. For trip packages and upcoming events, check with your local MWR, ODR and the provided outdoor travel sites to book your next trip or to get a license and venture on your own. Happy fishing!

Get licensed or find your next fishing adventure:
USAG Ansbach - Katterbach ODR
DSN 467-3225, Civ 09802-83-3225

USAG Baumholder ODR
DSN 485-7182, Civ 06783-6-7182

USAG Grafenwoehr ODR
DSN 475-8529, Civ 09641-83-8529

USAG Hohenfels ODR
DSN 466-2060, Civ 09472-83-2060

USAG Kaiserslautern (Fishing)
DSN 493-4117, Civ 06313-406-4117

Ramstein 86th FSS ODR (Licensing)
DSN 489-7274, Civ 0631-536-7274

Spangdahlem 52nd FSS ODR
DSN 452-7170, Civ 06565-61-7170

USAG Stuttgart ODR
DSN 431-2774, Civ 07031-15-2774

USAG Wiesbaden ODR
DSN 548-9801, Civ 0611-143-548-9801


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