The cold weather has been upon us and the last thing many want to do is leave their warm, cozy homes. However, there’s something quite marvelous about exploring a town that resembles a winter wonderland. Live near the KMC and Wiesbaden area in Germany?
A small island in the Atlantic just below the Arctic Circle, Iceland has an impressive reputation for its abundant natural wonders.
Consistently rated among the German National Tourist Board’s Top 100 Sites, the Romantic Road winds through Bavaria’s heartland. The full route hits 15 towns, but you can spend fewer hours on the road with this abbreviated version (450 kilometers, 5-7 nights).
For many, Transylvania conjures up images of vampires, werewolves and other creatures of the night. I have survived Halloween in Transylvania and discovered that the real Romania is far more fascinating, and spookier, than the folklore.
Land of legends
As youngsters, many of us read “The Diary of Anne Frank” in school and wondered about how strange it would be to live in hiding. We then essentially carried on with our days, without a further thought to the matter.
Italy is a dreamy country filled with countless treasures from architectural masterpieces and picturesque coastal towns to some of the world’s best food and experiences waiting to be had.  As you escape to Italy, ensure you cross these items off your Italian bucket list.
Planning trips on a tight military family budget is like staring down a jumble of tiny puzzle pieces scattered across the floor. Working to make the irregular shapes fit together just right can be time-consuming, stressful and even a bit disheartening at times.
While the cliffside towns of Italy have made a prominent name for themselves, there is no lack of gorgeous beaches and steep coastal bluffs in Biarritz, France. Once a whaling town, Biarritz is now a glamorous holiday destination on the Basque Coast.
When I was a little girl, I looked forward to curling up next to my sister most Sunday evenings to watch the weekly showing of “The Magical World of Disney” on my parents’ small, staticky, pre-HD television.
Salzburg’s musical roots were planted long before Julie Andrews twirled with outstretched arms on a bright green hilltop. Home to one of music’s most creative geniuses and one of the largest classical festivals in Europe, this lively city is mere minutes from the German border.
Sometimes the most interesting things are not found above ground, but below – as children playing on a mountainside in the 1930s discovered.
Being stationed at RAF Lakenheath means that you’re centrally located in England.
Gravy boats, butter dishes, bowls, vases and more in creative, colorful patterns await your discovery at the multitude of Polish pottery shops in Bolesławiec.
Towering mountains covered in blankets of snow, pine trees stretching toward the sky with icy branches and quaint villages are just a few of the reasons you should book a ticket on a European train during the winter.
An assignment in Europe would not be complete without a trip to the “city of love.” Known for its numerous museums, churches and gardens, Paris is one of the continent’s most popular tourist destinations.
Looking for the perfect day trip without breaking the bank? Nestled between the banks of the Rhine River and the Hochstein Mountains is a picturesque village that seems to be pulled right from a Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale.