As soon as the snow falls, many of us can’t wait to grab our sleds, don winter boots, stocking hats and mittens and find the nearest hill to tear down.
Around the time of the summer solstice, residents of northern Europe are blessed with seemingly endless hours of daylight. But all that glorious light comes with a cost.
If you live near Wiesbaden, Germany, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of the Rheingau, but what does the word refer to, exactly?
In the Bavarian Alps, along the Austrian border, sits the German area of Berchtesgaden. Enjoy quaint villages, Lake Königssee, hiking, skiing, and so much more in Berchtesgaden.
Breathtaking and otherworldly, that is how it feels to step out of the stone tunnel and into the historical town of Monemvasia, Greece. This car-free town is located on the Peloponnese, about a four-hour drive from Athens and was built carved into the rock facing the sea.
After travelling across Europe for several years and jet-setting to country after country, I can honestly say that at any given moment I would be up for yet another trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen in southern Germany. Without a doubt, Garmisch has stolen my heart.
Adventure awaits the intrepid traveler in Iceland! Call it extreme “touristing” if you will, as there might be an erupting volcano or storm at any moment. How thrilling! Iceland is nature in its purest form, raw and wild. The best part?
Get away from the hustle and bustle of your local area and head to the picturesque southwest region of England. Spanning the River Avon, the historical wonders of Bath and harbor city of Bristol are waiting to be discovered.
Precariously perched castles, improbably steep vineyards and slumbering half-timbered towns: the scenery along Germany’s rivers is a mesmerizing mélange of wonders.
There are plenty of rad roads to explore with scenery, switchbacks and celebrities. This itinerary is 265 miles, and can be done in 4 to 9 nights.
Liverpool (1 day, 1 night)
I used to hate going places by myself. Moving to Germany added to those hesitations because upon arriving I didn’t know much German.  It also meant that I had no one to go places with as I left everyone I knew (besides my spouse) behind in the States.
Half of this country is defined by what the Adriatic Sea gives it. Croatia has vast beaches and harbors to linger on, ancient cities to explore and a Mediterranean culinary spread to crack into. A fantastic sense of the history you never knew is a fixture of everyday life here.
The wondrous waters and whitewashed towns of Greece total up to 6,000 islands. These golden beaches that you’ve seen in movies and pictures lure in travelers who want to explore the islands from all over the globe.

The name “Mediterranean” is Latin for “center of the earth.”