Dortmund's remarkable Christmas tree structure is composed of 1,700 evergreens rising 15 stories above Hansaplatz.
Paris, the City of Lights, is an extraordinary city. Now it finds itself in an extraordinary situation.
Last year was our first holiday season in Germany. My mother-in-law told me in earnest about the amazing Christmas markets that seemed to magically pop up mid- to late-November.
Frankfurt and Rüdesheim's markets are just an hour apart and a short drive from Wiesbaden. 
With the last-minute shopping frenzy to find the perfect holiday gift in full swing, area Christmas markets
Founded in 16 B.C. by the Roman Empire during Augustus Caesar's rule, Trier is arguably Germany's oldest city and one of significant architectural and historical importance.
The holiday season in Germany is often said to be magical, old-world and filled with traditional beauty. This is especially true in the Franconia region of Bavaria.
The capital of Germany hosts some of the largest attractions in the country with its detailed history to entertain tourists throughout the year.
It’s not easy to pin down just one location for a must-visit in winter.
Christmas markets in Germany are a must for everyone to experience during this time of year.
“It’s the most wonderful time of year” is the song that always pops into my head as I begin to make plans for Christmas each year.
Christmas markets in Germany are a must for everyone to experience during the Advent season.
Travelers can be especially difficult to shop for during the holiday season.
Venture out and experience the holiday season in Budapest, one of Europe’s most amazing cities.
Thinking of the upcoming New Year is always such a positive thing. It’s almost like everything starts over and any goal can be achieved, from weight loss to landing the perfect job.
Well-preserved Roman, German Gothic and Bavarian architecture create distinct backdrops for stalls dotted along Neupfarrplatz and Spitalgarten.