Get your basketball fix in Paris

Get your basketball fix in Paris

by Shereece Spain
Stripes Europe

It’s that time of year again. March Madness is the around the corner and the NBA playoffs start in early April. While you’re in the “throws” of basketball season and planning your next trip to Paris, you may want to add this not-as-well-known stop along your tour route.

Located on Rue Trévise in a YMCA basement is the oldest basketball court that’s still standing. Yes, the sport was invented in a YMCA location in Massachusetts and is, basically, considered an American sport. However, one of the sports’ teachers relocated to Paris and created the first European court. Two years after the game was invented, Paris hosted its first basketball game.

The court has been modernized over the years as the game has evolved. You won’t find the original fruit basket baskets. However, the hardwood is still spectacular even if it’s showing its age. The two support beams in the center make you wonder how many injuries this court has seen. Nonetheless, it’s a unique experience basketball enthusiasts will savor.

Next time you’re in Paris, don’t forget to add the YMCA to your agenda. All the basketball-lovers in your family will enjoy it!

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