Every Sunday the city of Tongeren, Belgium transforms into an antique hunter’s dream. If you’ve been searching for the perfect trunk, clock, toy or picture frame but just can’t seem to locate the best one, the flea market in Tongeren is where you need to be.
When the hustle and bustle of city life becomes too overbearing and the wilderness starts calling, Europe is rife with options for outdoor adventures. Pick a country and plan to spend some time outside hiking, biking, horseback riding or even canoeing.
The temperature is slowly rising, the days are growing longer and the first flower buds are opening. Soon Europe will be in full bloom, and these gardens brilliantly showcase the remarkable transition from winter to spring. 
In a ritual that plays out year after year, companies spend untold millions of dollars to give their products those critical seconds of fame that only a Super Bowl commercial slot can deliver.
When planning your European escapades, it’s natural to want to include eastern European hot spots such as Budapest, Bucharest and Dubrovnik. With beautiful architecture, fascinating history and stunning vistas, it’s easy to see why.
Castles built not only to house the titled gentry but all those lesser folk needed to keep a noble’s household up and running, lend themselves beautifully to today’s travelers in search of sumptuous touches and historical ambiance.
The definition of “quaint” may change over the centuries but Bavaria’s Dinkelsbühl has not. This historic city is one of the most well-preserved medieval towns in the world.
When the world keeps on turning but you can’t leave the couch, don’t resort to binge-watching old sitcoms. “Get outside” and learn about animals and state parks or even go on a Disney ride, all without ever leaving the comfort of your living room!
The markets of Morocco are truly a place to explore and conquer in order to get the authentic Moroccan experience.
The historical sites in Germany are numerous and vast, as almost every single town has something special to offer.
Big Ben, Parliament, the London Eye, the list goes on of the must-see historic treasures of London, England. While the flashy settings you’ve seen in movies are truly incredible, take time to step onto the quieter streets to discover some of my favorite hidden London gems.
Multi-colored terracotta houses perched atop a cliff with the beautiful, cerulean Mediterranean hugging the edges and bougainvillea cascading down restaurants and shops — what sounds like a picture-perfect dream is actually reality when you travel to Positano, a dazzling, cliffside village along
What’s marked as prohibited, in a secret location and serves delicious drinks that will make for a memorable night? The answer is a speakeasy. These unlicensed establishments dating back to 1890 during the Prohibition era served alcoholic beverages although it was illegal at the time.
Amsterdam is a city that has stolen many hearts. From the dreamy canals, the charming shops and the overall hip atmosphere, the capital of the Netherlands is a city that will call you back time and time again and here are a few reasons why.
The streets of Tallinn are the place to go for a taste of a new and different culture, architecture and history. From the medieval Old Town to the stunning beachfront, there is a rich cultural scene in this northern European country.
If you’ve been missing your favorite national park in the States, there are plenty of options in Europe to discover. In fact, the United Kingdom is home to 15 unique and spectacular national parks. Not bad for a landmass area smaller than the state of Minnesota.