Germany's highlight: Triberg

Germany's highlight: Triberg

by Anna Leigh Bagiackas
Stripes Europe

Whether you’re doing a deep dive into the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) or you only have time for a quick weekend trip, Triberg will give you the quintessential Black Forest experience. Located one and a half hours south of the larger spa town of Baden-Baden, Triberg is tucked away in the iconic German forest that the Romans considered mysterious and uninhabitable, giving it its name: Black Forest. But with so many places to explore in this area, why Triberg?

Triberger Falls and the great outdoors

It is safe to say that Triberg is most well-known for the waterfall Triberger Falls. These are the highest accessible falls in Germany, evidenced by the fact that you can easily walk to the main entrance of the falls from the city center. There are four additional entrances you can explore for different views and experiences. Speaking of views, evenings in Triberg offer a lovely sight of the falls lit up in different colors and patterns.

After you’ve explored the rolling falls, more adventure is in order at the Burggarten, where you can see remains of the castle and its garden. From April to October you could test your adrenaline on the High Level Rope Course. The tower of “Stöcklewald” allows you to climb up to the observation deck for beautiful views, where you can then sit and relax for a quick break, with a side of coffee and cake. For those wanting to take their exploring off their own feet, hop on the Schwarzwaldbahn, the famous mountain railway through the forest that was lauded as an engineering feat when it was finished in 1873. Throughout the year, special rides are organized for tourists, photographers and others wanting a more in-depth historical experience. Last but not least, a trip to the Nature Discovery Park is another option to get your kids out and about in this world-renown forest.

Cuckoo clocks

A trip to the Black Forest is not complete without a little cuckoo clock fun, or in this case, some very big cuckoo clock fun. Triberg can happily claim home to the largest and smallest cuckoo clocks in the world! The world’s largest cuckoo clock contains a bird that is 330 pounds and 14 feet long, and the smallest clock will fit in the palm of your hand. There are a number of shops worth visiting to learn more about the history and craft of cuckoo clocks, including the House of 1,000 Clocks, where you will find the charming Tribear Family welcoming you in.

Triberg in the Black Forest
Triberg in the Black Forest

Triberg essentials

A few other must-sees (and must-eats) include visiting the Black Forest Museum to learn of the region’s history and traditions, and the Pilgrimage Church (Wallfahrtskirche). This idyllic looking forest church was named for Mary or “Maria in der Tanne” after the water nearby was said to perform two healing miracles.

For those must-eats, the quintessential Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) can be found at almost any bakery in town and for those looking for something uniquely savory, try the town’s version of Black Forest Ham, the Triberg Spruce Ham (Triberger Fichtenschinken)—you could even visit for the Ham Festival!



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