Germany Day Trips: Strasbourg, France

by Elizabeth Jones
Stripes Europe

The cold weather has been upon us and the last thing many want to do is leave their warm, cozy homes. However, there’s something quite marvelous about exploring a town that resembles a winter wonderland. Get out of the house and visit Strasbourg, France.

Located in the Alsace region of France, Strasbourg sits right along the German border. You’ll find yourself enchanted by the mixture of French and German culture in Strasbourg. You can easily spend the entire day immersing yourself in what all Strasbourg has to offer.

Driving to Strasbourg is fairly simple and there are various parking options available.  Paid parking in the surrounding area is the best option since the city center is partially a pedestrian zone with mostly short-term parking available. Cheap long-term parking is available at park and ride zones on the outskirts of the city. Simply park and take the public transportation into the city center.

Shop ‘til you drop in Grand Île

Also referred to as the Grand Island, the Grand Île, is surrounded by water from both the Rhine River and Canal du Faux-Rempert. Lined with the best, high-end boutiques and souvenir shops, this part of Strasbourg is a dream come true if you’re in need of some retail therapy. 

Visit the Strasbourg Cathedral

Found along the Grand Île, is the Strasbourg Cathedral of Notre Dame. Inside view the elaborate Astronomical Clock that marks every hour and half hour with a chime. Dare to climb the 66-meter, spiral staircase of the cathedral to reach the viewing platform where you can marvel in the spectacular view of old, triangular rooftops, cobblestone alleys and tourists exploring the ins and outs of Strasbourg.

Walk through La Petite France (Little France)

The Old Town of Strasbourg is better known as La Petite France. This part of the city is easily the number one attraction. Stroll along photogenic half-timbered houses that reflect off the canal’s waters. Stop in one of the many cafes throughout this historic part of town to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

Take a bite out of tarte flambée

Tarte flambée is the French term for a unique version of what you may recognize as pizza. It’s also known as flammkuchen in Germany, and is a must-have while in Strasbourg. Spread across the soft dough is crème fraîche, similar to sour cream, but richer and creamier. While you can choose from savory or sweet toppings, tarte flambée is typically topped with onions and bacon cut in half-moon shapes. Since it’s a popular dish derived from the Alsace region, finding your first tarte flambée to indulge in will be an easy mission!

As far as day trips go, Strasbourg is ideal with plenty to see, eat and drink. Once you leave this French town, you will already be planning your next visit!

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