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by Shereece Spain
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Summer is the height of travel and sightseeing. The weather and scenery afford the best views as your touring different cities. Often people make their own tours or connect with a tour company to see the sights. This month, I invite you to experience a riverboat tour cruise.

Koblenz is one of a few cities that offers this unique experience. Unlike other cities, it is located at the confluence of Germany’s two largest rivers - the Rhine and Moselle. Local tour boat companies offer various city experiences while you’re onboard one of their charming watercrafts.

All “a-boat” new experiences.

There are two highly recommended trips: half- or full-day Rhine Valley cruises (includes a meal) or the Koblenz to St. Goare cruise. The later includes entrance to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress and a round-trip ride on the Koblenz cable car - the longest in Europe outside the Alps. No matter which one you chose, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the city.

KD (Köln-Düsseldorfer) is the largest tour boat company in the area. However, there are many other smaller boat tour services as well. To assist in your search, utilize for options, rates and schedules.

“Moor” than just rivers.

I could give you all kinds of history and facts about the Rhine and Moselle Rivers. But, I’m just going to skip to the best parts… castles and der Wein (the wine)! You will find plenty of castle ruins along these stretches of water for pictures to add to your photo album. The number of vineyards is truly incredible. It’s unlike anywhere else in the world because these grapes grow and are harvested on extremely steep slopes (compared to other wine regions).

You’re “shore” to love it.

You’ll get to see beautiful Koblenz landmarks and sprawling vineyards along your cruise. However, there are a few you’ll want a closer view of or won’t be able to see from the boat. While on shore, be sure to catch these sights:

Deutches Eck - Your cruise will depart from near this area. Since you’re here, check out Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial a little more closely. He was the last German Emperor and King of Prussia.

Schloss Koblenz - Once the home of royals and religious leaders, it’s now the Electoral Palace. Be sure to meander through the exquisite gardens in the back. You’ll find lots of shopping and restaurants between the palace and the Eck.

Romantic Koblenz Museum - An 800-square-meter interactive museum giving patrons the opportunity to experience the life of the Rhine as a steamship passenger. You can purchase 2-in-1 tickets for a Koblenz to St. Goare cruise to save some euros.

Basilica St. Castor - This is the oldest church in Koblenz and is named after a missionary who is said to have done religious work along the Mosel River.

Whether you’re here for a few hours or the whole day, Koblenz is a great way to cap off your summer travel adventures.


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