Germany Day Trips: Holiday Park Pfalz

Germany Day Trips: Holiday Park Pfalz

by Shereece Spain
Stripes Europe

Amusement parks are a big deal in my home state of Ohio. Cedar Point holds several world record-breaking roller coasters. Naturally, when I came to Germany, I was on a mission to find some parks that rival what I’m used to while still offering fun activities for my kiddos. That’s when I came across Holiday Park Pfalz in Hassloch. Maybe they don’t have record breaking coasters, but it won’t fall short of providing an outstanding experience.

Something for everyone

If you’re into roller coasters, you’ll love the rip-roaring bigFM Expediton GeForce. This award-winning coaster goes up to 120 kilometers per hour. Between the initial drop and all the twists and turns, you’ll be screaming and laughing the entire ride. Don’t forget to throw those hands in the air!

To cool off on hot days, check out some of Holiday Park’s amazing water attractions. The Beach offers a fantastic playground and various boat rides, including the new fishing boat ride for children. You can get a little wet on the Wickie Splash ride or while playing around in the Dancing Fountains. Having an extra set of clothes would not be a bad idea.

Your younger ones will have a blast in Majaland, the kids section of the park based on the popular children’s cartoon “Maya the Bee.” You’ll find action-packed, yet age-appropriate rides such as the Flower Splash and Crazy Tree. Most of the rides are for kiddos over 4 feet 5 inches tall. However, they also have another playground for munchkins of all ages and sizes.

It’s chow time

All the walking, playing and excitement will have you famished. If it’s a quick meal you want, there are several snack stations around the park offering fast food-like meals, such as burgers, sausages and fries. They’ve recently added a welcoming Italian restaurant, Casa Palatina, for those seeking a more leisurely meal. The Slush Station is an absolute must for a variety of frozen beverages to cool you off in the hot sun.

More than just rides

During the day, the entire family will enjoy the Holiday Park Parade. You’ll see animated characters such as Maya the Bee and Vic the Viking come to life in this musical parade. For more entertainment, head on over to the Water Ski Stunt Show. It is the first and only of its kind in Europe. The acrobatics will amaze and sometimes have you in tears with laughter.

On Saturday nights through Aug. 4, you will want to stay for the breathtaking fireworks display. All the fireworks are choreographed to some amazing tunes.

Mark your calendar: Come back in October for their spookactular Halloween festival! The elaborate decorations throughout the park will give you chills and goosebumps. Costumes are highly encouraged.

Coasters, water rides, food, fireworks… Yes, Holiday Park Pfalz is the place to be this summer!

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