Germany Day Trips: Castle Schwetzingen

© Helmut Knab |
© Helmut Knab |

Germany Day Trips: Castle Schwetzingen

by Shereece Spain
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Let’s take in the air at one of the county’s alluring gardens at Castle Schwetzingen!

A breath of fresh air 

Strolling through the French Baroque-style gardens is refreshing for the soul. Even in the off-season, the grounds are immaculately manicured and styled with splendid seasonal flora. Listening to the sounds of the water features will have you relaxed in no time and feeling cleansed of your winter confinement. 

The gardens date back to 1731. Other than expansion and minor redesigns by new owners, the grounds are largely unchanged from its original construction. This is extremely unusual for most of the country after World War II. 

The grounds are extensive with much to see. However, don’t forget to check out the Apollo and Mercury temples, the bathhouse and Arion Fountain. If it happens to be raining, the Orangerie is the perfect location to step inside. All the tropical vegetation is stored in here during the winter months. 

Beyond the garden 

One simply can’t visit castle gardens without actually going to the castle. I know you’ve been cooped up all winter, but you’re going to want to go inside! Miraculously, Castle Schwetzingen wasn’t destroyed in World War II like so many other prominent structures in Germany. However, some of the interior pieces were lost or destroyed due to the Allied forces occupation. Thanks to documentation from 1775 and 1804, workers were able to recreate the spaces. Guided tours are a great option to get to know the castle and gardens and their extensive history. They also host events throughout the year, especially at Easter and Christmas, to give you a different way to enjoy the property. 

After all the walking, you’re likely to be famished. You won’t have to go too far! Feel like royalty and dine in one of the castles two restaurants. Castle Restaurant Schwetzingen offers a more fine dining experience. There is a wonderful variety in their menu, which is based on seasonal ingredients and includes choices for vegan diets. Kurfürstenstube Schwetzingen is ideal for breakfast or afternoon coffee and cake. 

When you make a day of visiting this castle, you’ll have time to enjoy both restaurants. You can’t go wrong with either if you have to choose just one! The charming atmosphere alone makes the experience worth it. Try to make reservations in advance so you’re sure to get a table. 

Bellamar water park offers some water fun for all ages. They have indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, relaxing massages, and much more. If you want to stay dry, try alla hopp! Spielplatz (playground) for some more outdoor fun. The whole family will be worn out by the time you leave, with its assortment of climbing stations, swings, maze and other activities. Shoppers should check out Carl-Theodor-Straße and Mannheimer Straße for some local retail therapy. 

Getting there 

This amazing town is east of Kaiserslautern and south of Wiesbaden. The drive is approximately one hour from both. The closest parking to the castle is the Schlossgarage. If it’s full, try the Tiefgarage Marstallstrasse. 

You also have the option of taking the train to the Schwetzingen main station. It’s in the center of town and about a 10-minute walk to the castle. 

Get out and kick-start the season with a visit to Castle Schwetzingen and its surrounding city. 

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