Germany Day Trips: Burg Frankenstein

Germany Day Trips: Burg Frankenstein

by Shereece Spain
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I love October! The endless scary and gory movies are to die for. I’m one of those odd people that totally enjoys watching horror flicks by candlelight at home alone. I love going to haunted houses or taking tours, especially here where the monsters can- and will- touch you. I may not be able to sleep at night, but I’ll catch up on that when the month is over. It’s even better when you get up close and personal with haunted or creepy locations.

There is no shortage of haunting locations in Germany. While you’re stationed here, creep on over to Darmstadt for the must-see Frankenstein Castle.

A resurrecting history

The understated grandeur of Burg Frankenstein feels like any number of castles in Germany. It’s doesn’t rank up there with Burg Eltz or Neuschwanstein Castle; however, it’s the backstory that pushes this castle to the top of bucket lists. Your teachers forced you to read the book. You’ve probably seen many different versions of the movie. Why not get a look at the castle that quite possibly gave Mary Shelley the inspiration for her legendary tale of Frankenstein?

In the late 1600s, it was the home of John Konrad Dippel. He had an affinity for alchemy, which led to the discovery of Prussian Blue and, allegedly, an elixir for reversing the aging process. He heavily studied the transference of souls between dead and live animals and, eventually, human corpses. Sound familiar?

Get your scare on

You can schedule personal tours of the castle or wander through on your own. Hearing the history on how this castle has become so famous from one of their experts makes your visit that much better.

When you’ve set your date to go, also make a reservation at the restaurant onsite. You won’t want to miss a delicious meal while overlooking the charming village of Darmstadt.

Thanks to some U.S. Soldiers in the 1970s, Frankenstein Castle has become the stage for one of the largest Halloween parties in Germany, held on October 31 each year. Tickets go quickly so be sure to get yours as soon as possible.

Who says you can only be scared in October? Throughout the year, the castle hosts haunting dinner shows, such as Jack the Ripper and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Ticket prices and menus vary by show, but start around 77 euros.

While in Germany, we have a unique opportunity for chills and thrills. Be sure to add Burg Frankenstein to your fright fest bucket list!

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