Germany’s highlight: Winterberg

Winterberg Winter Sports Resort
Winterberg Winter Sports Resort

Germany’s highlight: Winterberg

by Shereece Spain & Amanda Palumbo
Stripes Europe

The cold, dark and bleak days of Germany’s winter are upon us. The cheerful magic of the Christmas markets made December burn bright. But, this is  January, where body and brain have decided hiding under the covers and binging “Cheers” reruns until the sun returns from its four-month vacation is the only option. But, is it? For a fun-filled snow day, we ride north to Winterberg.

“Snowboard” with winter?

Located in a village named “Winterberg,” Skiliftkarussell Winterberg has a lot to live up to and doesn’t disappoint. Between 34 slopes across seven mountains, you’ll find varying degrees of difficulty to accommodate all skill levels of skiers and snowboarders. This includes our younger generation of snow athletes as well. You will ascend the slopes in either a chair, t-bar or conveyor lift. For you, borderline professionals, put your skills to the test on Slalom slope or St. Georg Sky Jump.

If you’re thinking, “Germany in January gives me a whopping eight hours of daylight,” do not despair. You can hit the slopes with the moon in your view thanks to its awesome floodlit courses. Plus, how many of your friends back home can say they’ve gone night-skiing?

The cost to enjoy the slopes is reasonable. They offer half-day passes starting at 25 euros for adults and 17 euros for children. Keep the party going all day starting at 34 euros for adults and 23 euros for children. The floodlight skiing and snowboarding passes are sold separately.

For those of you wanting to take up the winter sport, you have the opportunity to take lessons from professional instructors at one of two ski schools. You’ll learn proper safety and technique no matter how old you are. Either group or private lessons are available. Group lessons take place on a specific schedule, but the private lessons allow for more flexibility.

Live like there’s “snow” tomorrow

When you’ve hit your snow bunny limit, grab a hot meal, quick snack or hot and cold beverages at any one of the 10 huts scattered throughout the area. No matter where you dine, the traditional food and spectacular views will not disappoint.

The slopes at Winterberg 

It’s all downhill from here

Winterberg offers a variety of overnight accommodations if you decide one day just isn’t enough. Need to relax after a fun but an exhausting downhill day? In town, you can meander through the Old Town, including St. Jacob’s Church, Cenotaph (a prisoner of war memorial) and the Upper Gate. You also have the option to enjoy an incredible hike through Waldpark Helletal and Kurpark Winterberg.

Have you ever seen bobsledding or luge runs in person? If not, head on over to Veltins EisArena. Call ahead to register for a tour. There is a minimum requirement of four people and the cost starts at 17 euros per person. Save even more if you can tag onto a group of 10 to 15 people.

If you think we’re done with these snow puns, not “snow” fast. “Snow” matter what, there is “snow” way out of winter. Experience love at “frost” sight with Winterberg and boldly go where “snowman” has gone before. “Ski” you later!

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