Flea market app features 300 of the world’s best flea markets

Flea market app features 300 of the world’s best flea markets

by Flea Market Insiders
Flea Market Insiders

Visiting flea markets is among the most popular activities of travelers all over Europe and the US. However, with thousands of flea markets taking place every weekend, it is important to be able to separate wheat from chaff, in order to make the most of a trip. With the app, Fleamapket, there is now an interactive guide available that serves as the new go-to source for information about flea markets and antique fairs. It was developed based on a simple observation: many travelers love to visit flea markets when they are abroad, but it is often challenging and time-consuming to find worthwhile markets.

“Fleamapket takes the guesswork off your shoulders. We only feature markets that are worth the time and money”, says Nicolas Martin, creator of Fleamapket and founder of Flea Market Insiders, a top-rated lifestyle blog based in Austria.“What sets Fleamapket apart from regular flea market directories is its selective approach. Fleamapket exclusively features events of consistent quality and considerable size.”

Currently, more than 300 in-depth reviews of flea markets worldwide can be explored on the interactive map. In addition, a calendar features the biggest and best antique shows from around the world. Only markets that actually sell authentic antique and vintage goods make it into the directory. Flea market organizers cannot buy their way in, and the users benefit.

“Our users appreciate that they do not have to scour long lists of markets and can trust that we pick only the best venues”, explains Nicolas Martin.

Even without a specific destination in mind, Fleamapket is a useful tool for flea market enthusiasts: Markets are displayed on an interactive map, which makes it easy to browse. Fleamapket also allows users to filter markets by season, size, or topics, such as particularly scenic markets or foodie flea markets. While most of the information is accessible free of charge, users may also sign up for a premium subscription.

“Fleamapket Premium offers many perks. In particular, a calendar of rare flea markets - those, that occur only a few times per year. Thereby, our premium users have an easy-to-use overview of markets they really do not want to miss”, says Nicolas Martin. In addition, Fleamapket Premium features 2-day or 3-day itineraries for vintage shopping weekends in currently 10 cities such as Berlin, London, Paris, New York, and Rome. Fleamapket is easy to use since it works on any mobile device or computer. As a web-based application it requires no installation - just opening the app's website in a browser is enough to access the service. Fleamapket is available in English and was officially launched in 2017. It is already in use by thousands of flea market enthusiasts around the world.

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