Fashion for fall beer fests

Friends wearing dirndls and lederhosen
Friends wearing dirndls and lederhosen

Fashion for fall beer fests

by Staff
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With summer coming to an end it's time to start planning out your fall and beer fest plans. You also need to think about what you're going to wear. Join the fun and go traditional — "Dirndls" and "Lederhosen" are the preferred beer fest outfits.


Dirndls (dern-dull) consist of a blouse, skirt and apron. You can spend anywhere from 50 to 75 euros on a simple, inexpensive Dirndl from somewhere like REAL or C &A to a few hundred euros on a high-quality, elaborate Dirndl at high-end stores and larger fest grounds. Also, consider those kiosks in the local Exchange mall — you aren’t charged VAT and can get a great selection.

Skirt lengths vary, and so does the amount of cleavage that will be visible. If you find guys either won’t leave you alone, or they won’t give you a second glance, take a look at the knot of your apron — if tied to the left of center, that means you’re single; right means taken, whether married, engaged or otherwise. A knot tied in the back indicates a widow.


Lederhosen (leh-der-hoh-zen), or leather trousers, are knee-length or shorter leather pants with a drop flap and suspenders featuring a decorative brace in the front. The pants are usually worn with a gingham button-down shirt, side-lacing Haferl shoe and knee-high wool socks. Lederhosen and accessories vary in price and quality. You can find them periodically in kiosks in the Exchange mall and seasonally at stores such as C&A and Peek and Cloppenburg. Though traditionally worn by men, women frequently wear them now.

Armed with knowledge, not only of what fests to look into, but everything you need to know about what to wear, what to do, and what to eat and drink at the fests, you can be confident you are ready to start living like a local. Be safe and have fun!

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