Family bucket-list: European edition

Family bucket-list: European edition

by Mary Del Rosario
Stripes Europe

Though Europe is the perfect location to knock off some bucket-list worthy adventures with your girlfriends or best buds, it’s also a great place for the whole family to proudly check off some things on their wish list. From eating pizza in Naples to taking a group selfie at the Eifel tower, below are just some ideas to get you started.

  1. Experience all things Harry Potter in London. Don’t forget to stop by Platform 9 ¾.
  2. Tour LEGOLAND park in Denmark. There is also one in Germany.
  3. Learn how to make macrons in Paris.
  4. While we’re on food, learn how to make pasta in Italy. Also, eating pizza in the birthplace of it all, Naples, is a must-do.
  5. Make sand castles on the beaches in the Canary Islands, Greece or the Balearic Islands. Iberostar offers great family-friendly all-inclusive resorts.  
  6. Say “cheese” as you all try to take a group photo with the Eifel tower as the background.
  7. Explore inquisitive minds with museums such as The Louvre, The Science Museum in London, The Natural History Museum in London and Eureka! The Museum for Children in Halifax to name a few.
  8. During the winter months, see where Santa and his reindeer live in Lapland, Finland.
  9. Become cultured as a family and tour cities such as Amsterdam, London, Paris, Lisbon, Berlin, Barcelona, Munich and more! Bonus points if you have your children try a specialty dish native to these cities.
  10. Become humbled at American monuments in France, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.
  11. Teach your little ones how to ski on the German, Swiss, French or Italian Alps. 
  12. Hike up the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany.
  13. Feel like royalty and stay in a castle.
  14. Experience thrills in Tivoli Gardens in Denmark.
  15. Become a kid yourself in Disneyland Paris and/or book a Disney Cruise.

What’s on your family bucket-list?

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