Explore the quaint town of Koblenz

Explore the quaint town of Koblenz

by Amanda Palumbo
Stripes Europe

When you read about romantic or quaint towns in Germany, you see the usual heavy-hitters, often in Bavaria. But, there’s a city in Rhineland-Pflaz often overlooked. It’s considered to be “Germany’s Corner,” “Wo Vater Rhein Auf Mutter Mosel Trift” or “where Father Rhein and Mother Mosel meet.” Koblenz gets its name from Latin meaning “merging rivers.”

Koblenz has everything a Germany city needs to draw in admirers: narrow, winding streets lined with historic and picturesque homes, a castle, a palace and a beautiful body of water, or in Koblenz’s case, two beautiful bodies of water. The Pfalz’s third-largest city is one of the oldest in Germany when the Romans used it as a military outpost in 8 B.C.  

If you really want to see what Koblenz has to offer before you dive in, head to the Ehrenbreitstien Fortress. It sits 387 feet above the city and provides breathtaking views of not only the city but its clashing rivers. The fortress, in its current preserved state, was built in the 1800s but it dates back all the way to 1000. That’s when Julius Ceaser reached the Rhine building two bridges in the area. While you’re at the fortress, you can check out the Landesmuseum Koblenz which illustrates the city’s rich history.

Cable car ride in Koblenz | Photo by Julia Solonina

If that wasn’t quite high enough, you can take to the skies to see Koblenz. The city has a cable car ride that takes you above the fortress and the Rhine. Take one of the last rides of the day in the winter and you can watch the sunset on the two rivers. As the city lights spark on, they reflect off both banks, dancing with the current and providing a mesmerizing view. If you’re not a fan of heights, you can capture equally incredible views of Koblenz by water. Several cruises float up and down the Rhine offering everything from day trips to brunch. 

If you can’t find time to hop on the boat, you can take a virtual one. Through its interactive exhibits, The Romanticum gives you all the unique sights through the Upper Middle Rhine Valley while learning about the history behind the UNESCO site.  

You simply can’t describe a German town “quaint” or “romantic” without a castle or palace. Koblenz has both in the same spot. The Stolzenfels Castle was built in the 19th century around the ruins of a 13th-century fort. The fortress castle was turned into a palace where Prussian Crown Prince Frederick William spent his days. Much like Ehrenbreistien Fortress, the castle towers over the city and the Rhine, while nestled in a lush forest. Not bad digs at all for old Prince Freddy. 

Koblenz is a 90-minute drive from the KMC or a two-hour train ride. I recommend the latter. The train starts running in perfect symphony with the Rhine starting in Oppenheim, giving you a lovely landscape for the next hour-and-a-half. Just make sure you sit on the side where the windows face east.

While Koblenz may seem like a sprawling city, how it hugs Father Rhein and Mother Mosel lends itself to a whole new definition of “quaint.”

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