Experience Germany's fall colors around the KMC

Sunlight in autumn forest. Colorful foliage in the park.
Sunlight in autumn forest. Colorful foliage in the park.

Experience Germany's fall colors around the KMC

by Amanda Palumbo
Stripes Europe

Grab your pumpkin-spice latte and Banana Republic scarf because it is almost the season that gives us the reason to live: Fall.

Jokes aside, what we love about Germany in spring and summer, its lush green vegetation, is why we fall in love all over again come September. The temperature starts to drop, the air becomes crisper and the leaves evolve into new hues. There really isn’t a bad view in Germany during autumn, but there are a few key places to snap that Instagram-worthy photo of all those bright #fallcolors.

Karlstal Gorge

Karlstal Gorge makes a lot of our lists and for good reason: it’s great for families, easily accessible and gorgeous all year long. Nestled in the Palatine Forest, these moss-covered rocky walls take on a magical new persona as the leaves change. Its architect, Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell, said it best when he described it as, “One of the most beautiful valleys of this type that I have seen.” Friedrich enhanced its natural beauty in the 1780s and it’s drawn thousands of visitors each year ever since.

The designer created a trail filled with wooden bridges leading to a gazebo perfectly placed next to a running stream. In the spring, the gorge is bursting with a bright range of green as the sun reflects off the gazebo’s moss-covered roof. As the air starts to chill and the leaves change, Rheinland’s Pfalz’s treasured gem metamorphosizes into a fall fairytale. What makes this place so unique is that while the leaves change into a range of oranges, yellows and browns, the moss maintains its chartreuse color. It’s the perfect spot to snap a quick family photo that will be the Christmas card envy of your family. 

Moselle Valley

Come late September, all the vineyards put on a theatrical display exploding with color along Mother Moselle’s rolling riverbanks. The area is normally chalked full of wine festivals and carnivals in the fall, however, the current pandemic has canceled all of them. The good news is, you can still enjoy what this area has to offer by visiting its quaint villages like Bernkastel-Kues and Cochem.

Moselle River cruises run year-round and offer a perfect and relaxing way to take in the artisanal autumn colors. Imagine sipping a glass of fine Riesling grown and produced from the very vineyards you’re admiring as your boat sails down the river. Tickets start at just 11 euros.

Rhine Gorge

This scenic 65-kilometer stretch along the Rhine River between Bingen and Koblenz has provided breathtaking views for centuries. There are so many reasons why this area is so special, from its rich history of a long-popular shipping route to its microclimate giving a home to species not found anywhere else. But, what this area does in the autumn months is a sight that no photo could possibly do justice.

The prime fall color spot is Loreley, or Lorelei, a rock formation towering 433 feet in the air, overlooking St. Goarshausen and the River Rhine. Hundreds of trees put on their greatest performance, presenting a kaleidoscope of colors begging to be photographed. Also visible from this lookout point is Burg Katz, a castle constructed in the 14th century, snuggled amongst trees providing a striking backdrop as it sits on a ledge overlooking the river. Some lucky soul calls that castle home, as it is privately owned and not open to visitors.

Good to know:

Autumn officially starts on September 22nd. Fall colors are usually at their peak around mid-October. While out admiring all the colors, make sure to have a jacket and an umbrella handy. Germany’s weather can be very unpredictable in the fall.


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