Entertaining visitors in and around Bavaria

A picturesque view of Rothenburg ob der Tauber
A picturesque view of Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Entertaining visitors in and around Bavaria

by Jessica Zen
Stripes Europe

The impending task of preparing the perfect itinerary for visitors can be daunting. With location demands, budget restrictions and the pressure to please everyone on their European getaway, things can get out of hand quickly. Here is a three-day itinerary that will hopefully appease even your pickiest guests so that you can avoid a travel disaster.

Plan on taking one day trip and having your guests stay with you if possible (for money saving purposes) and then head out to see what this beautiful area has to offer!

Day 1: Day trip to Regensburg

The beautiful medieval city of Regensburg is the perfect location for anyone looking to have the quintessential German experience.

  • Start the day with a guided tour of Thurn und Taxis Palace. This beautiful building was once the Benedictine monastery of St. Emmeram. Many of the rooms are lavishly furnished and amazing to see.
  • Next, wander towards St. Emmeram’s Basilica for a look around at over 1,000 years of architectural styles.
  • After you’ve marveled at the inside, head back out and walk in the direction of the Old Stone Bridge. This 12th century bridge crosses the Danube River and links the Old Town with Stadtamhof and was once the city’s only bridge.
  • When you cross the bridge, take a look at the vibrantly colored buildings down the street, but veer left to grab lunch at Brauereigaststätte Spitalgarten. Here you’ll find an ideal spot to sit outside next to the river, have a beer and enjoy some traditional Bavarian cuisine.
  • Finish up your day at St. Peter’s Cathedral. It is an exemplary Gothic building and a landmark for the city. Look up at the massive organ and stunning stained glass windows.

Day 2: Neuschwanstein Castle and Imst Coaster

  • Pack up and head out to Schwangau to get a look at one of the most famous castles in Bavaria, Neuschwanstein. You can opt to tour just this castle, or combine your castle outing with a tour of Hohenschwangau as well. You can get combination tickets to see both, and they are within walking distance of each other! Be sure to reserve your tickets at least two days in advance online.  
  • After you’ve marveled at the ornate rooms in the castles, continue south to Imst, Austria to the Alpine Coaster. Kids and adults alike will love to go zooming down the world’s longest alpine coaster, going over bumps, careening through steep turns and racing down the drops! This breathtaking adventure lasts for over two miles and nine whole minutes. You can either hike to the starting point or take the gondola. Spend the night at a hotel in either Imst or Oetz to be as close as possible for the next day’s hikes.

Day 3: Hiking in Oetz

  • The Oetz region is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and has over 80 hiking trails. For a relaxing walk near a beautiful lake, hike to Piburger See. Start at the Brandach Bridge/ rafting entrance (right next to Jay’s) and follow the signs towards the lake. This easy hike will maybe take an hour and a half. For a significantly more difficult hike, start at the same location, but follow signs to the Armelen Hut. This hike will take approximately three hours and is not for the faint of heart! If you make it to the hut, reward yourself with a large serving of beer and a charcuterie board for completing this challenge!
  • After a taxing day of hiking, refuel at Pizzeria Roberto (also known as Cafe-Restaurant Amacherhof). They have an extensive menu, fantastic service, great wood-fired pizzas and desserts that will knock your socks off! Prices are pretty standard — 3.90 euros for a beer, 12.50 euros for a massive pizza, 5.50 euros for an ice cream and coffee dessert.

Day 4: Auf Wiedersehen!

  • Say so long to your guests on the fourth day, because this is only a three day itinerary! Head home, unpack, do all the laundry and unwind after a fun-filled three days.

Take the guesswork out of entertaining your guests. Mix in a few castles, a little hiking and an alpine coaster and you’re sure to have a lovely time! Bavaria has some amazing scenery and Austria is just a car or train ride away!

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