Enjoy the nightlife of Prague

Enjoy the nightlife of Prague

by Jason Park
Stripes Europe

Prague is known for its cheap beer, so it’s no surprise that this city has one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in Europe. At night, you can expect to see throngs of people, local and foreign, at Prague’s many pubs and clubs. While it’s fun to wander aimlessly around at night and enter random bars, it never hurts to have a few ideas in mind. Here are some places you can visit and things to do to make the best of your nights in the beer capital of central Europe.

Pub crawls
There are various pub crawls going on all week. You can find them by walking in the old town around 8:30 p.m., registering at your hostel or hotel, or reserving a spot on a crawl online. I’d recommend doing the latter two, as discounts are often available. A typical pub crawl starts off at an old town pub and ends in a club. You will be given a wristband and led to four or five bars, and the wristband will give you free drinks, entrance to clubs and discounts. Pub crawls are a fun way to meet new people and have some fun; most are marketed toward younger travelers. Some of the best crawls are the Clock Tower Bar Crawl and Prague Pub Crawl, with large crowds and prices from 20 euros. 

During the summer, Prague hosts a number of free festivals. A great way to enjoy a night in Prague is to attend a local music festival. There is usually a fair number of people, and the food is not too overpriced; beer still being cheaper than water. A list of local night events can be found at https://www.prague.eu/en/events. If you visit during the Bohemia Jazz Festival, I recommend you look into it. It’s free and is one of the most popular summer music festivals.

Karlovy Lazne
Advertised as the biggest club in central Europe, it truly is a wonder. There are five floors, each with a different music theme such as pop, EDM, hip hop/R&B, oldies and chill-out music. There’s also an ice bar with a 120 Czech crown or five euro entrance fee, worth the cool experience. The club is popular among tourists and locals. On a good night, the whole place is flooded with people. It’s definitely merits a visit, just to say you’ve been to it. Be careful with your valuables, as the club is notorious for pickpockets.

M1 Lounge
M1 is more of a dance club than a lounge, but it is has a lively atmosphere regardless. Always full and crowded, expect long lines to get in. Wait a hour and your patience will be rewarded. The DJ plays the latest hits, and the club gives off the perfect vibes for a good, wild night. The drinks aren’t special but they do serve hookah. The entrance fee is 200 Czech crowns, a small price for a great night.

FANCY Lounge
Signs with the word, “fancy” in cursive and a friendly bouncer greet clubbers entering the vibrant club blasting newer hip-hop hits. Bartenders make fancy moves and serve strong cocktails, a sight and taste to behold. The club isn’t large but it has a welcoming, intimate atmosphere. The entrance fee is 100 Czech crowns, cheaper than many clubs. If you don’t like smoke, I’d suggest you avoid this club.

Anonymous Bar
If you want to wind down after wild parties but still have an enjoyable time, this bar is for you. It isn’t easy to find, hidden in a back alley, but it sets the tone for the night. The décor reflects its obvious inspiration from “V for Vendetta,” and the concept of the bar is intriguing. Order drinks from the menu like a normal bar and be delighted by their presentation. The drinks here are more expensive than at your average Prague bar. The servers will present you with the secret menu, or they might not, when the time is right. Part of the fun involves finding out what happens, so prepare for masks, creative concoctions, and a night of suspense and surprise.

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