English-language theaters near Frankfurt

English-language theaters near Frankfurt

by Nicole Rice
Stripes Europe

Galli Theater, Frankfurt & Wiesbaden

It’s not often you find yourself with the opportunity to become part of the show, but it sure can be fun! The Galli Theater, with locations in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, is a fairly cozy, hands-on community theatre known for its wonderful fairytale plays for children  — performed in German, English and Spanish — in addition to its comedy productions for adults. The training center at both locations hosts workshops and classes for children and adults, which are aimed to develop and strengthen both personality and character. The Galli Theater Café is the perfect venue for holding events such as children’s birthday parties and corporate gatherings. If you’re looking for a community theater where you or your kids will feel comfortable enough to join in, the Galli Theater will be a good time for all.

The theater’s website includes the schedule of upcoming shows, as well as information on the training center’s workshops and classes. 

Wiesbaden Theater        Frankfurt Theater
Adelheidstraße 21          Hamburger Allee 45
65185 Wiesbaden          60486 Frankfurt
T: 0611/341 8999          T: 069/970 971 52

Velvets Black & Light Theater, Wiesbaden

If you’re unfamiliar with black (or black light) theater, take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Velvets Theatre in Wiesbaden. Acts in this theater are performed on a black velvet box set in which pantomimes and/or puppets are brought in and out of the spotlight creating illusions and seemingly magical effects, allowing the performance to come to life in ways you may have never experienced before. This is a great theatre for young adults and their parents, but be sure to check the website; some upcoming themes may not be suitable for children. 

Velvets Theatre
Schwarzenbergstr. 3
65189 Wiesbaden
T: +49 611 719971

Wiesbaden English Language Theater

Three Americans who met through the MWR-sponsored Amelia Earhart Playhouse — Keith D. Greenleaf, Stacey Groves and Roy Mroch — wanted to bring an independent, English language theater to Wiesbaden. So, they founded the Wiesbaden English Language Theater (WELT). If you’re 17 or older and want to be a part of the act, the WELT is always seeking volunteers for actors, backstage crew and house management. Most shows deal with adult themes and are not suitable for children audiences. 

Wiesbaden English Language Theater
Community Centre Georg-Book House
Wellritzstrasse 38
D-65183 Wiesbaden
T: +49-1525-2468588

The English Theater in Frankfurt

The English Theater Frankfurt, Europe’s largest professional English-speaking theater, plays an important role in the multi-cultural lifestyle of Frankfurt and is a cultural institution in the Rhein-Main region. Each season, the 300-seat auditorium plays host to more than 6,000 visitors who enjoy classic and modern productions including dramas, comedies, thrillers, satires and musicals. For a night out or a celebration, the two-story house bar, James, is a modern atmosphere with cozy furniture and plenty of space for parties and other events.

The English Theater in Frankfurt
Gallusanlage 7
60329 Frankfurt am Main
T: (069) 242 316-20

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