Just over an hour’s drive (and less than a two-hour train ride on the RE1) from Kaiserslautern is Germany’s oldest city, Trier.
Autumn has arrived and France beckons. You are craving an adventure before the cold temperatures keep you indoors for the winter, but where to go? One and a half hours from Kaiserslautern and just over two hours from Wiesbaden is the French city of Metz.
Welcome to Belgium! Home of world-famous beer, decadent chocolates, sugary delicious waffles piled high with more sugary awesomeness and of course, arguably some of the best Frites (French fries) in Europe.
Contemplating your upcoming Black Forest holiday, certain images inevitably spring to mind. Hikes through dense pine forests and past thundering waterfalls. Buying a cuckoo clock from the very craftsman who carved the piece. Feasting on a certain luscious and creamy cherry-chocolate cake.
Whether you’re doing a deep dive into the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) or you only have time for a quick weekend trip, Triberg will give you the quintessential Black Forest experience.
Large bustling cities can be overwhelming if you are trying to see the entire thing in one trip, or even one day. Munich, the capital of Bavaria and Germany’s most populous city, is a lot to process all at once.
During the summer months, Europe is a bustling playground of beachgoers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. With crystal clear waters of the Alps and golden, sandy beaches stretched across the Mediterranean, it’s no wonder.
The Greek islands (also known asoften called the Cyclades) are picturesque, bucket list-worthy destinations.
One of my favorite shows to binge-watch during a chilly fall weekend (okay, more like a day) is “The Crown” on Netflix. Filled with plenty of royal intrigue and scandal, “The Crown” follows the saga of the House of Windsor and struggles of the British monarchy.
Switzerland is known to be a world-class skiing destination, but there is so much to do there when the snow on the ground has melted, and the sun is high in the sky.  I recently got to spend a week in Switzerland and experienced all it had to offer when it was warm out.
There are so many incredible things to do and see in Paris that it gets a little overwhelming when trying to plan a trip. You simply can’t miss the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre; but what other things should be on your “must-see” list?
Everyone has heard about the famous Oktoberfest in Germany, but there are many other fall festivals where you can have just as much fun and excitement across Europe.
One of the things that Europe is most known for is its wealth of palaces and castles. What may be less well known is the fact that “castle” and “palace” are not interchangeable terms, and that the main difference between the two is that a castle is fortified.
The Balearic Islands, an archipelago of islands in Spain, is a treasure trove of inviting beaches, warm weather, tapas and water activities. One treasure to uncover is Palma, the Balearic Island’s capital and largest city.
When I map out our family vacations, we plot out where we’ll be staying, what places and attractions we want to see and ideas on different restaurants we should try. However, there are some places in Europe where it’s easier and more fun to throw caution to the wind and just get lost.
When the autumn air feels crisper, the days begin to shorten and the leaves turn brilliant shades of gold before fluttering to the ground, I’m always reminded of the harvest season.