Do you dare? 

Stairway to Heaven Hike | Photo by Jessica Zen
Stairway to Heaven Hike | Photo by Jessica Zen

Do you dare? 

by Jessica Zen
Stripes Europe

While you could certainly spend your entire time in Europe viewing castles and wandering through museums, where is the fun in that? Mix things up a bit and get ready to tackle some of the most thrilling activities Europe has to offer. From fear-inducing heights on a hike to zooming down a zip line at top speed, there’s no shortage of ways to get your adrenaline going while on vacation. 

Stairway to heaven hike 
The Stairway to Heaven hike in Austria on the via ferrata Donnerkogel route in Gosau is a hiker’s dream. Climb a 131-foot ladder across the Dachstein Glacier for an adrenaline rush like you’ve never had before! If you’re afraid of heights or not an experienced climber, this hike is not for you. However, if you love via ferrata, this is sure to be one of your most memorable hikes! 

Thrill Walk 
Located 3,280 feet above the village of Mürren in Switzerland is a skyline walk you won’t soon forget! The Thrill Walk is a walkway connected to the vertical walls of the mountain. The path lasts for 656 feet and there’s nothing below you! Enjoy the surrounding views of the peaceful mountains, while your spine tingles from the adrenaline of not being on solid ground. 

Velocity 2 zipline
If you’ve been searching for the fastest zip line in the world, look no further than Zip World in Wales. Not only is the Velocity 2 zipline the fastest, reaching speeds of over 100 mph, it’s also the longest in Europe at 5,101 feet. Up to four people can go at once on separate parallel zip lines. Each person gets to zip twice, once on the big and once on the little zipper. Take in the incredible views as you zoom over Penrhyn Quarry. You likely won’t ever get to experience the feeling of flying like this anywhere else in the world! 

White water rafting
Known as the adventure capital of Norway, Voss is the perfect place to hit the water for an epic adventure. If you can swim and are up for a spine-tingling time, white water rafting is the activity for you! Suit up and get ready to hit some spectacular rapids on your journey. All you need is a swimming suit and an adventurous streak (and maybe some swimming skills) to complete this daring challenge. 

There’s nothing better than hitting the slopes in the winter after a fresh snowfall. Kick it up a notch by jumping out of a helicopter and getting access to some seriously secluded areas. Austria is the perfect place to give this extreme sport a try. The Lech/Arlberg area is perfect for freeriding off-piste and your guide will take you to all the best spots. Grab a group of friends and get ready for an incredible time. 

Are you dancing in your seat just thinking about going on one of these epic adventures? You should be! There are so many thrilling opportunities throughout Europe that extend past the average castle tour. Start planning your amazing outing today!

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