Ditch the heat: Maginot line day trip

by Emma Bareihs
Stripes Europe

The latest heatwave is proving to be a tough season to be comfortable in. Trapped in a stuffy house with no air conditioning, getting sunburnt at the pool, what else could go wrong? With the heat driving the family crazy, it might be a good idea to get out of the house. While finding an easy day trip that won’t have you begging for cold water is difficult in this weather, the underground Maginot line could be a cool getaway from the sun.

Imagine trench warfare at an extravagant level. Completely underground, the Maginot line, a fortification defense system, stretches from north to south on the French border with its strongest fortifications along its border with Germany. The level of modernization that the line reached is incredible and worth a visit. Although built to defend the opened borders of French territory after the pain of World War I, Germany attacked and captured the line in 1940. The United States’ General Patton broke and ended the Maginot line in November 1944 at the battle for the Moselle River.

Plan a visit of two to five hours at the underground fort. Ditch the heat at a temperature of 12 degrees Celsius (54 degrees Fahrenheit). Dress in layers, you might even plan on bringing a light jacket! Comfortable walking shoes are recommended for the miles of walking. Unless your children are able to keep up with the long walk, they are best left at home.

With a few locations to pop up from, Amifort Veckring in Veckring, France is around an hour and a half west of Kaiserslautern. Open until November, tickets for adults are 10 Euros and 5 Euros for children daily.

Escape the sun with a few historical hours underground at the Maginot line!

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