Discover Palermo and the Island of Sicily

Photo by wiesdie
Photo by wiesdie

Discover Palermo and the Island of Sicily

by Jocilyn Shanise Carver
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If you are a fan of the classic 1980s sitcom “The Golden Girls,” you more than likely remember the sassy character, Sophia reminiscing about her native island with the iconic line, “Picture it, Sicily! 1922.” Well, you can turn that picture into a real-life experience when visiting Sicily for yourself.

As the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily serves as a utopia for tourists interested in water sports such as: snorkeling, kayaking and parasailing to name a few. Sicily is also home to Mondello Beach. About 30-minutes from Palermo, the capital of Sicily, Mondello Beach is considered one of the most alluring destinations in Italy and a favorite among the locals. Every May, it hosts its famous World Festival on the Beach. The festival attracts people from across the world with various genres of live bands, mouthwatering seafood dishes and windsurfing competitions. Toy Park Beach, only five minutes away from Mondello Beach, is another popular beach for people with children and infants. The beach is covered with mini-water slides, baby bumper cars, and toddler safe sky gliders that will have your child fully entertained the whole visit.

Palermo Historical Center | Photo by Jocilyn Shanise Carver

If you’re not a big fan of the beach or sea life, no need to fret; Sicily has numerous spots just for you. One of which is Piazza Pretoria, located in the historical center of Palermo. There, you will lay eyes on the majestic Praetorian Fountain built in 1554. The fountain is surrounded by thoroughly sculpted nude, mythological figures and animals. The Praetorian Fountain has been a magnet for tourists and the topic of scholarly writings due to its controversial background. You can also check out the historical Palermo Cathedral. If you’re searching for the perfect location for pictures, you’re allowed to climb the up on the roof of the cathedral where you can get a scenic view of the city. Not too far away, there’s the Teatro Massimo of Palermo, perfect for opera and ballet lovers.

Pasta in Palermo | Photo by Jocilyn Shanise Carver

In the mood for food? Street eatery markets can be found on almost every corner of Palermo. The Arancina rice balls are a must! And of course, how can you go to Italy without chowing down on some pasta?

Vintage tourist tax | Photo by Jocilyn Shanise Carver

Palermo has an abundance of vintage tourist taxis, regular taxis and shuttle buses that will take you wherever you need to go. So, there’s no need to worry about finding a way to get to the places mentioned above. Also, if you’re feeling fancy, you can enjoy some four-legged transportation with a horse-drawn carriage fit for royalty. Don’t forget to stop by the local antique shops to pick up souvenirs for your family and friends! 

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