Discover hidden Genoa in the Italian Riviera

Discover hidden Genoa in the Italian Riviera

by Julia Cahill
Stripes Europe

When I first got to Genoa, I was excited to leave. I didn’t think there was anything in the seaside city but a large port for Mediterranean cruises and a ridiculous number of huge statues of Christopher Columbus. Yes, that Christopher Columbus. He was born in Genoa around 1451 and did work in and out of the city for powerful nobles before he took his famous voyage in 1492. Little did I know, there is far more to do in Genoa before a cruise than just wait out a few days in a hotel.

The city boasts the largest aquarium in Europe and a huge maritime museum outlining Genoa's illustrious history. There's also a very popular children's museum, a couple of large shopping centers and a beautiful historical port you can walk along to watch the ships go by.

If you have a couple of hours, you can take a three-hour walk through the most beautiful parts of the city with licensed tour guides. The entire city is saturated in world-class food and drink, but if you want an authentic recommendation I still have dreams about the price fixed menu at Osteria Marinara A' Lanterna. The staff does not speak much English, but trust me. Fighting through the language barrier is worth it. If you speak Spanish or Portuguese, they can mime with you, and if you really can't communicate, I've heard stories of the English speaking head chef coming out of the kitchen to take your order personally to ensure zero miscommunication. The seafood in Genoa is so fresh that when cooked by talented locals, the magic that is the menu of the day is unparalleled. A hidden gem in the Italian Riviera, Genoa is easily one of Italy's most underrated cities.

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