A day at Linderhof Palace

Statue at Linderhof Palace
Statue at Linderhof Palace

A day at Linderhof Palace

by Tamala Malerk
Stripes Europe

One of the things that Europe is most known for is its wealth of palaces and castles. What may be less well known is the fact that “castle” and “palace” are not interchangeable terms, and that the main difference between the two is that a castle is fortified. One of the unfortified structures that has recently caught my attention is Linderhof Palace, located in the mountains of Graswang Valley in Ettal, Bavaria.

Construction of Linderhof began in the 1860s during the reign of King Ludwig II, who was known for fantasizing and “living” at night and sleeping during the day to escape the doldrums and boring life of administrative rule and work. This is the smallest of Ludwig’s three palaces, but it is also the only one he lived long enough to see fully constructed. In the modern era, there is so much to see and do before you even enter the palace.

The total area of the park and gardens is 58 hectares, or in more familiar terminology, 580,000 square meters. Terraced gardens, stunning fountains, a music pavilion and statues greet you on the outskirts and entrance to the palace. Explore one of Ludwig II’s “escape castles” or the “Moroccan House,” which was acquired by the Paris World Exhibition in 1878. Find out why there is a gate known as the “Forbidden Gate,” and take a stroll around Swan Pond. As you meander around you will spot the 300-year-old linden tree and Neptune’s Fountain. Step inside the Venus Grotto, a breathtaking artificial cave with a lake and a waterfall. Stop in at the oldest building on the complex, St. Anne Chapel, built in 1864.

Once inside the palace, you will begin your tour in the vestibule where you can marvel at the statue of King Louis XIV of France, whose palace of Versailles helped inspire the construction of Linderhof. The tour then takes you through two tapestry rooms, a lavish “Audience Room,” Ludwig’s large bedroom adorned with his symbolic royal color blue, several cabinet rooms, a dining room and ending in the opulent Hall of Mirrors where the combination of constant reflective glass and lighting create “magical” illuminating effects. Throughout the palace, you can view classic portrait paintings, several statues and busts, numerous chandeliers and antique furniture.

So much exploring and learning can really work up an appetite. Thankfully, Ludwig’s Bistro and Gifts, which has been run by the same family for 65 years, is right there to satiate your hunger and quench your thirst. From the bistro, you have a clear view of the beautiful Temple of Venus as you chow down on some pretzel, sausages or strudel and sip on your choice of standard drinks, regional coffees and teas and traditional “Hofbräu München” beers.

Keep in mind that you can only visit Linderhof Palace as part of a guided tour, so make sure to book your reservations online prior to going. If you happen to be staying at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, it is an easy drive. Once there, pay plenty of attention to your surroundings, because photography and video recording is not allowed inside of the palace. However, bring your dog along because they are allowed to walk around the park.

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