A day at the ice-skating rink

People ice skating
People ice skating

A day at the ice-skating rink

by Anna Leigh Bagiackas
Stripes Europe

As soon as the snow falls, many of us can’t wait to grab our sleds, don winter boots, stocking hats and mittens and find the nearest hill to tear down. But sometimes we don’t want to wait for that elusive snowfall to enjoy our favorite winter sports, so it’s time to plan for a day at the skating rink. Whether you’re a comfortable skater or have yet to take a voluntary step onto the ice, a day skating will be one to remember, especially in Germany.

While you may have gotten your ice-skating fix during the holiday season—you can still find a number of rinks open, when it may be a little harder to get excited about wearing the previously mentioned warm clothes. Luckily, there are skating rinks sprinkled all over the region. You can find indoor rinks, outdoor open-air skating settings and even ice discos—perfect for a family or friends’ day trip this winter.

Ice rinks in Germany offer a variety of services and activities available for guests, such as skate rentals, lessons, special equipment for young children and reservations for games like hockey and ice stock sport, a game similar to curling. Be sure to do your research before you head out the door, as skating rinks differ in the length of their season as well as what restrictions are in place for entry and reservations.

For those in the KMC and Rhein-Main areas, here are a few skating rinks to check out if you’re looking for a day trip to enjoy winter:

Wiesbaden: The Henkell ice rink is an open-air rink in Wiesbaden. In addition to opportunities to try your hand at ice stock sport with friends, you can also attend lively ice discos with contemporary music and special lighting shows.

Zweibrücken: With lots of public ice time available, this indoor skating rink is a great option for families (maybe after a morning of shopping at the outlets?). Saturday nights are reserved for ice discos and the American-style diner Flyer’s is perfectly located next to the rink to refuel or hang out while the rest of the family skates up a storm.

Darmstadt: Eishalle Darmstadt is an indoor rink with food, snacks and drinks available for purchase. Visit their website to learn about special events, hockey and scheduled ice discos. http://eishalle-darmstadt.de/

Frankfurt: One of the larger winter sport complexes, Eissporthalle Frankfurt has been home to hockey and skating since 1981. A fun atmosphere with food and drinks available, it’s also easily accessible via train.

Heddesheim: While a little further drive, this is the only open-air ice rink in North Baden with a beautiful view to accompany your day or evening of skating. The rink is available for birthday parties and hosts ice discos on Saturday nights.na Leig

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