France is not only a beautiful country filled with delicious food and quaint villages, but it’s also the country of Gothic cathedrals. Notre Dame in Paris, the most popular cathedral in France, is currently closed for repair.
The Canary Islands is a Spanish archipelago located near Morocco. The largest of these islands, Tenerife, is filled with beaches, natural volcanic landscapes, heavenly Spanish foods and most importantly, sun.
No matter where you come from in the world, March 17 is a day when “going green” means becoming Irish at heart and in spirit. St. Patrick’s Day is arguably the national day celebrated most widely internationally, and even though the St.
Usually not ranking too high on bucket lists, one would be remiss in skipping over this city during their European travels. It’s rich in history, traditional and remarkable landmarks one has to see to truly appreciate.
Spending four days in Latvia during the summer should certainly find its way on your list of travels. One can typically find a roundtrip flight from Frankfurt Hahn to Riga, Latvia via Ryanair for 75 euros. Riga is the capital city of Latvia and offers much to see.
Standing atop the Rotenfels, there’s so much there to please the eye: a sweeping view of distant peaks and plains, a castle begging for exploration, brick-red cliff faces, verdant fields, vineyards awaiting warmer days, a winding river and a steeple-dotted village.
With warm golden sand and aquamarine water on one side, and the jagged mountains of the Pyrenees on another, Catalonia is one of Spain’s treasured regions. Located in the northeast corner of Spain, ask a local and they’ll tell you that Spain is located in the southwest corner of Catalonia.
Italy is much, much more than Venice and Rome. It has, by far, the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and if you want to see them all, you’ll probably need a lifetime. Better than following the bucket list, you can choose your highlights and get started. Here’s some inspiration.
Romantic fairytale villages, bustling cities and the majestic Alps coupled with a fascinating history make Bavaria one of Germany’s alluring states.
Spring recess for DoDEA Europe students falls between April 6 and 10 this year. Wondering where to go and what to do on those well-deserved days off?
The island of Madeira rests off the northwestern coast of Africa and is a particularly delightful autonomous region of Portugal. It is known for its delicious wine and incredibly scenic landscapes, created by a volcanic system.
Tucked up north amongst several seas is a country packed with spectacular beauty and views of aurora borealis that will blow your mind. Keeping this in mind, consider booking a trip to Norway as soon as possible.
If you’re looking for a quick and fun family getaway look no further than Karlsruhe. Just 50 miles northwest of Stuttgart, Baden Württemberg’s second-biggest city is the perfect day trip for the entire family. No matter what Germany’s fickle weather brings, fun will be had in Karlsruhe.
Romania, along with the rest of Eastern Europe, is often overlooked by potential guests in favor of cities further west — but to count out Romania for your next holiday would be a mistake.
Lush green hills peppered with grape vines that boasts the most stunning views of German towns is the best way to enjoy the grape juice for adults — wine.
Traveling with teenagers poses its own set of challenges. After living in Europe for four years, there are only so many old towns, cathedrals and squares my teens can visit before it all begins to run together.