Though spring in Germany is beautiful with its colorful flowers in bloom, the cold and harsh winter has left some of us depleted of much-needed Vitamin D.
Want a trip that will stave off the cold of the coming months? Head to the Mediterranean coast of Spain, where Barcelona is waiting.
“Christmas markets are a magical and amazing life experience.” Living in Europe, chances are this phrase has been uttered by you or to you. For the record, it’s true—they’re both amazing and magical.
Being stationed in Europe offers a fantastic opportunity to travel. Seeing places you’ve only read about in history books or lounging along the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean sounds blissful.
While Slovenia’s city of Bled entices visitors all times of the year, there is something about autumn that adds a little magic and mystery to one’s trip.
Most of the towns and villages along the southern stretch of the German Wine Road boast of a certain type of cozy rustic charm. In a region so generously endowed with stunning scenery and welcoming places, a handful of places still manage to stand out above the rest.
If you love plaid, castles and beautiful old cities, Edinburgh is the place for you this fall season. Scotland’s capital is brimming with old-world charm and enough scotch to satisfy the thirstiest of visitors! 
If you’re seeking fresh powder in Europe, let us point you in the right direction. North American skiers will find some differences in the trail rankings. In Europe, pistes are categorized by a color-coded system shown in blue (easy), red (intermediate), and black (expert) trail signs.
Known as the fourth-largest city in Morocco, Marrakech is a colorful city rich in history and housed by the friendliest locals. After spending 14 days traipsing through this beautiful country, I spent the last two days exploring the “Red City” and taking in all it had to offer.
Ready to experience the childlike magic and wonder of these vintage winter postcard scenes come to life?
Here are a few tips for making the most of your European Christmas market experience:
Taking the train
Do you ever play the “What if” game? “What if we lived in Europe or Germany?
Paris in spring is a riot of flowers. Autumn turns Tuscany into a patchwork of ochre. When winter comes, Hallstatt, Austria, is transformed into a magical ice kingdom. Germany’s hip capital city of Berlin shines bright throughout the year.
The Canary Islands is a Spanish archipelago located near Morocco. The largest of these islands, Tenerife, is filled with beaches, natural volcanic landscapes, heavenly Spanish foods and most importantly, sun.
I used to hate going places by myself. Moving to Germany added to those hesitations because upon arriving I didn’t know much German. It also meant that I had no one to go places with as I left everyone I knew (besides my spouse) behind in the States.
While all of your friends may be jetting off to famous or exotic locations for the Thanksgiving holiday, sometimes that’s just not feasible. If you are located in Germany, there are plenty of options right in your backyard for amazing day trips, or even two-day adventures.
Forget the overcrowded streets of bustling cities and get ready for an adventure that takes you into the lesser-traveled country of Slovakia. There’s certainly no shortage of activities here, from hiking in the glorious mountains to exploring romantic castles.