Beer: It's not just for drinking

Beer: It's not just for drinking

by Shereece Spain
Stripes Europe

I have two toddlers at home, so I’m always looking for great ways to relax and unwind. When we found out we were headed to Germany, I went on the hunt to find spas that were unique to or originated in Europe. As I was searching for real Swedish massages (which I don’t think is really a thing), I stumbled across this medieval art of beer baths. Are there truly healing or therapeutic properties to beer? Or, is this just another activity involving beer?

We have the Czechs to thank for these unconventional baths - which is not surprising since they have the highest beer consumption in the world. Beer baths and spas began in the Middle Ages. Pivní lLázně is said to be the first beer spa in existence. It was believed that hops, yeast and other natural ingredients cured many illnesses. Today, the Bad (bath) brews supposedly help ease muscle tension (I’m guessing this comes from the beer on tap next to the tubs), improved circulation, body detoxification, pore cleansing, as well as acne and cellulite treatments. When you follow the bathing and post-bath protocol, these ingredients are also excellent moisturizers for the skin and hair. The beer used in the baths differs from consumed beer; there is no barley which may cause allergic reactions.

Can’t make it to the Czech Republic? No worries! You can also find these sudsy baths in Germany and Austria. They range in price and can depend on the kind of experience you’re after. The lowest I’ve seen them go for is 250 euros.

Even if you’re not a beer drinker, you can still experience the frothy beverage that is a favorite all over Europe. 

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