Beach hopping in Mallorca

Beach hopping in Mallorca

by Elizabeth Jones
Stripes Europe

The amazing Balearic island of Mallorca is known for its sunny skies, mountainous terrain, quaint Spanish towns and of course Palma, its historic capital. While Mallorca has much to offer vacationers, the most tempting aspect are the hundreds of beaches sprinkled along the island’s coastline. When traveling to Mallorca, deciding on what beaches to spend the most of your sunny days can be difficult. From hidden coves to vibrant atmospheres, beach hop to these 10 amazing beaches that Mallorca has to offer:

Northern Mallorca

Playa de Formentor

White sand, crystal blue waters, lounge chairs shaded by straw umbrellas and the Tramuntana mountains presenting themselves as the perfect backdrop — it’s no secret why Playa de Formentor is on everyone’s list. The beach is a must for tourists who travel north to bask in beautiful views at Cap de Formentor, the farthest point of the island that boasts amazing views.

Cala de Sa Calobra

Scenic Cala de Sa Calobra

For a beach experience unlike any other on the island, visit the scenic Cala de Sa Calobra where the Tramuntana mountains meet the Mediterranean Sea for a mesmerizing collision of high cliffs and turquoise waters. A small path of white sand and pebbles is nestled between two different parts of the mountains, forcing the beach to maintain its secluded atmosphere. Located an hour from the town of Soller, Cala de Sa Calobra is accessible by boat, car or a five hour hike through Torrente de Pareis.

Cala Tuent

Found below Puig Major, the highest peak of the Tramuntana mountains, is the tranquil cove of Cala Tuent. This pebble beach is a favorite amongst locals and tourists looking for a quiet day watching the Mediterranean’s green and blue waves splash against the coastline. Not far from Cala de Sa Calobra, find Cala Tuent by driving through windy roads carved throughout the Tramuntana mountains.

Southern Mallorca

Cala Varques

Known for its rocky structures, azure waters and low-key atmosphere, Cala Varques is a spectacular beach. Ideal for snorkeling, swimming, cliff jumping and relaxing, Cala Varques has something for everyone. Found between the resort towns of Porto Cristo and Portocolom, reach the beach by driving on a gravel road from the main road and end with a 15-minute hike.

Caló des Moro

Caló des Moro

The quaint cove of Caló des Moro is one of the most difficult to find on the island, but well worth the journey. Calm waters stretch far between two steep cliffs and greet the small, sandy shore. Rock formations found along the shoreline emerge from the waters, perfect for sunbathing and diving off of. Only a few kilometers from the town of Santanyí, arrive at the beach by parking at the end of a dirt road and making your way down a steep and narrow path.

Cala s’Almunia

Known as the sister of Caló des Moro is the cove of s’Almunia. It is naturally constructed with rocky outcroppings, some of which developed a massive archway — a highlight for adventurous cliff divers. To find the cove, walk along the same dirt path of Caló d’es Moro and follow the signs down to Cala s’Almunia.

Cala Mondrago

Mondrago Natural Park is situated between the towns of Santanyí and Cala d’Or and is known for housing Cala Mondrago. This cove holds well-preserved waters and has lush surroundings. It’s common to see fish swimming close to the shoreline with you — just watch out for jellyfish! A spiderweb of paths in the park lead to smaller beaches making it ideal for a full day of beach hopping within one area.

Cala d'Or

Close to the center of the beach resort town of Cala d’Or is a large stretch of crystal blue waters, white sand and jagged rock ledges. Tourists spend all day at the beach swimming, tanning, eating and drinking. The town-named beach is popular for its convenient location surrounded by clubs, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, souvenir stands and boutiques.

Playa Es Trenc

Known for its long 2-kilometer stretch of white, sandy dunes and transparent, blue waters, Playa Es Trenc is a booming beach for locals and vacationers in southern Mallorca. Near the town of Colonia Sant Jordi, Playa Es Trenc expresses a relaxed atmosphere by day and a buzzing atmosphere by night. In the evening, relish in the lively atmosphere filled with live music and vendors selling tapas and cold drinks.

Playa de Palma

Endless amount of sun at Playa de Palma

The beach lining Mallorca’s historic main city of Palma is a tourist hot spot lined with an abundance of bars, cafes and restaurants. A main attraction for younger crowds, expect the beach’s party atmosphere to take over in the early afternoon through the night.

Beach hop across the island of Mallorca by taking an adventurous trek to the secluded coves followed by immersing yourself in the spirited atmosphere of booming beaches. No matter what kind of beach vacation you are looking for, Mallorca has something for everyone.

Quick travel tips:

- Rent a car: While there are buses, boats, bicycle and hiking routes, the easiest and fastest way to jump from one side of the island to the other is by car.

- Carry euros: Parking at popular beaches or properties before hiking to harder-to-reach coves can be free or cost you up to 15 euros.

- Pack food and drinks: While all of Mallorca’s beaches are lovely, your experience will be spoiled once hunger and thirst kicks in.

- Eat tasty food: A trip to any part of Spain isn’t complete without indulging in tapas, paella, Spanish chorizo, jamón ibérico and churros to name a few.

- Sip on sangria: Fresh sangria is a must while in Mallorca, but be sure to ask what type of wine and other ingredients are used.

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