Adventure in Austria: Area 47

Adventure in Austria: Area 47

by Steph Edington
Stripes Europe

A thrill-seeker’s paradise

Imagine a place where you can walk from your comfortable lodge or not-so-rustic teepee into a picturesque countryside and be at a swimming lake with a “Blob” water catapult, a waterslide park, a rock climbing wall or a high-ropes course in minutes. Now keep imagining that you can also go white water rafting, canyoning, caving, paragliding or zip-lining if you desire something even more adventurous. Got it? No need to just dream about it.

Outdoor AREA – not for the faint of heart

Outdoor adventurists will be right at home among the many options that are part of AREA 47’s Outdoor AREA. It’s home to Austria’s highest high-ropes course, at 27 meters (88.5 feet). Daredevils will be strapped into a climbing harness, suspended from the Achbrücke Bridge and let loose onto an obstacle course that will surely challenge them both mentally and physically.

The bridge also houses the tallest outdoor climbing wall in the country, topping out at that same high 27 meters. Other attractions located at the Achbrücke are the “Mega Swing,” which is sort of like bungee jumping right-side up, and the “Flying Fox,” a 370-meter- (1,214 feet) long zip line.

Water AREA – wet and wild fun

The 20,000-square-meter Water AREA has a little something for every age and energy level. Low-key visitors can take a leisurely swim in the lake, or relax, play beach volleyball or soccer, test their balancing skills on the slack-lines, or hop into the boxing ring, all in the aptly named “Chill Out Zone.”

Thrill-seekers, on the other hand, should head over to the “Blob,” which is a giant air-filled bag that works like this: one person jumps onto the Blob, and then makes their way across it toward the middle of the lake. Then a friend jumps onto the Blob in the same spot and launches them into the water. The harder the jump, the faster you fly through the air! Also available are a bouldering cave and a “Deep Water Soloing Wall,” which is a free-climbing wall situated over the water. Climbers will ascend back into the lake once they complete their climb.

Sleep and eat – home away from home

Accommodations at AREA 47 range from hostel-style open wooden teepees to a group lodge to private double rooms. All facilities are new and very modern, and offer the same amenities of a hostel or hotel. Separate showers and toilets are located nearby for teepees, and guests need to bring a sleeping bag.  Towels and linens are included in lodges and double rooms.

No outside food or beverage is allowed on the site, but the Lakeside Restaurant has a full menu to ensure visitors don’t go hungry or thirsty. The River House is the on-site hot spot for those looking to end their adventure-filled day with a nightcap.

Prices for other attractions are at an additional charge and vary by activity. Package deals are available, and a day pass for the Water AREA is complimentary with the purchase of several of the Outdoor AREA activities. Visit for more details.

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