If you live near Wiesbaden, Germany, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of the Rheingau, but what does the word refer to, exactly?
I’m going to let you in on a little European secret. There is a tiny country that flies under the radar of many tourists. The French and Spaniards do not want me to share this information with you and you’re about to learn why. But trust me, it is one for the travel bucket list: Andorra.
Visiting any major metropolis usually means checking out famous sites—the Colosseum in Rome, Buckingham Palace in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris. In Athens, places such as the Parthenon, Acropolis and the Theater of Dionysus are likely to get crossed off your bucket list.
Pop quiz: What do the cities of Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Hirschhorn and Mannheim have in common? A river runs through them and with endless exciting sights to discover along its banks at that! Our newest installment tracing the course of a German river takes us along the Neckar.
The alpine resort town of Chamonix, France has become an epicenter for climbers, skiers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. With glaciers, trails, ice tunnels and awe-inspiring peaks, you don’t need a week to check off some of these bucket-list items when it is safe to travel again.
Disclaimer: Check your local command guidance before traveling, particularly before crossing any international borders, and expect any facilities such as lifts, restaurants and cafes to be shut tight for the foreseeable future.
When planning a snowy getaway, the first place many look to is The Alps. And, rightfully so as the Alps are beautiful with lots of things to do but let’s face it, The Alps are expensive.
There are plenty of rad roads to explore with scenery, switchbacks and celebrities. This itinerary is 265 miles, and can be done in 4 to 9 nights.
Liverpool (1 day, 1 night)
The wondrous waters and whitewashed towns of Greece total up to 6,000 islands. These golden beaches that you’ve seen in movies and pictures lure in travelers who want to explore the islands from all over the globe.
For many, Transylvania conjures up images of vampires, werewolves and other creatures of the night. I have survived Halloween in Transylvania and discovered that the real Romania is far more fascinating, and spookier, than the folklore.
Land of legends
There was a time in the not-so-distant past when going online to book arrangements for a trip was something all travel lovers did on a regular basis. But with travel ground to a halt and likely to remain so for some time to come, it seems premature to plan any kind of a trip these days.
Even in Europe’s northern reaches, autumn tends to linger a good long time, with warm days late into the month of October not unheard of. But inevitably, the hours of daylight grow ever shorter, and there’s a chill to the morning air.
First mentioned in 898, the Bavarian town of Nördlingen was established in a 15 million-year-old meteorite crater, thus giving the town its identifiable circular shape.
In the depths of Bavaria you will find Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze. Towering almost 10,000 feet (2,962m), the summit and straddles the German-Austrian border. You could say the Zugspitze has dual citizenship.
On Jan. 1, 2020, the United Kingdom officially left the European Union in the process known as Brexit. For the past 11 months, the two opposing factions have been methodically hashing out different agreements to ensure autonomy and what they hope to be little disruption to citizens.
Forget the overcrowded streets of bustling cities and get ready for a trip that takes you into a lesser-traveled country, Slovakia! There’s no shortage of activities here, from hiking in the mountains to exploring castles. Pack up the family and get ready for an adventure!