6 reasons why you should travel to the Balkans

Perast, Montenegro | Photo by jakobradlgruber
Perast, Montenegro | Photo by jakobradlgruber

6 reasons why you should travel to the Balkans

by Mary Del Rosario
Stripes Europe

Aside from the iconic sites in Europe, an area many jet off to when they have been bitten by the travel bug is the Balkans. With a landscape and a culture that differs from western Europe, it’s easy to see why. Below are 6 reasons why everyone should put the Balkans on their travel list.

  1. Southeastern Europe is more affordable than other parts in Europe. Talk about getting a bang for your buck! In the Balkans, one can really stretch their budget far as there are many cheap eats and experiences. 
  2. There are no shortages of unspoiled nature. For those who love going on nature walks, taking landscape photography or embracing the great outdoors, the Balkans has everything from canyons to mountains and even caves.
  3. The Balkans covers a vast amount of countries that are perfect for the ultimate road trip. This area is comprised of Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia and Romania. 
  4. You’ll never get bored. After a while, city trips start to seem the same with your typical historical site here and quaint café there. The Balkans, like Bulgaria’s Musala Peak, is perfect for the avid hikers, while Montenegro provides the ultimate canyoning experience.
  5. The food is out of this world. With so many grilled meats, fresh seafood and fresh vegetables, you can’t go wrong satisfying your taste buds! A popular dish known to this region is burek, a flaky dough filled with meat.
  6. The way of living truly forces you to slow down. If you think Europeans live a slower-paced way of life, you’ve never been to the Balkans. The locals there truly take the time to appreciate life.

Which of these countries would you visit first? 

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