5 things worth helping yourself to during your next hotel stay

5 things worth helping yourself to during your next hotel stay

by Karen Bradbury
Stripes Europe

Hotels want us to feel at home, and that’s why they provide us with all kinds of little niceties, from shower gels to slippers. While some items there are strictly for our one time use (no, that bathrobe is not yours to keep!), there’s a whole plethora of items you’re welcome to help yourself to that may serve you well on that real or metaphorical rainy day. Here are my top five picks:

Sewing kit: How genius is it to have an emergency supply of thread, buttons, needle, and if you’re really lucky, that handy tool that helps an older pair of eyes thread such needle on hand when wardrobe disaster strikes?

Slippers: disposable slippers can be great to have on hand for later use in a locker room or on a long flight. The hotel won’t be re-using them after you’ve worn them, so help yourself to them.

Emergency toothbrush and toothpaste: the brush is usually a bit crude, but it beats having fuzzy teeth by a long shot. That itsy-bitsy tube of toothpaste is a keeper, and it’s the perfect size for your next trip hiking the Alps, when every ounce counts.

Pad of paper: a pad of stationery embossed with the hotel’s logo is perfect for penning a note to go with a gift, or serves as the perfect scratch pad to keep by the phone back at home. Delay on the flight home and restless kids to amuse? It’s perfect for hangman, tic-tac-toe, categories or other games.

Shower cap: the uses of the shower cap go well beyond that of keeping hair dry while showering. It’s perfect for stashing a wet bathing suit in, or a pair of shoes to be packed in the same bag as the rest of your clothing. It’s also handy to use as a cover for a bike helmet on a rainy day.

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