5 Great things to do in Bucharest

5 Great things to do in Bucharest

by Alejandra Flores
Stripes Europe

Romania may not be on your vacation destination list but it should be. Bucharest, Romania’s capital, has so much to offer! Here are five things you should highly consider when visiting Bucharest.

King Michael Park

No city is complete without greenery. New York City has Time Central Park, Paris has Versailles, and Amsterdam has the Keukenhof. Bucharest has King Michael Park. Surrounding Herăstrău Lake, this park offers many scenic walks by the shore. If the lakes don’t keep you, the abundance of flora and fauna will. Take time to stroll along the lake, spend time admiring the many natural beauties or compete in a variety of outdoor sports in one of Bucharest's most popular locations.

The Central University Library in Revolution Square | Photo by sorincolac 

Revolution Square

This is a must-see for all the history buffs. Romania had a long history of communism, but in 1989 the people revolted forcing Dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife to flee to the roof of the Communist Party building. They escaped in a helicopter seconds before the mob got there. Ceaușescu was later captured, tried and executed. Stand where many fought for freedom in a world once run by oppression.



Palatul Primaverii (Spring Palace)

Visit the palace where the dictator Ceaușescu lived during his communist reign. You can see inside his lavish apartments and learn how extravagantly he lived. This is another great place for history buffs to learn the oppression and history of Romania, especially Bucharest.

Tulips at Cismigiu Park | Photo by Grosescu Alberto

Cismigiu Gardens

For nature lovers, this garden is another refreshing place away from the big city of Bucharest. With beautiful flower arrangements and scenic strolls take time to enjoy the landscape. Within the gardens, there is a memorial for 12 of the most loved writers in Romania. Also, there are both memorials for French and American soldiers that died in the country during both world wars.

National Museum of Romanian History

This museum is dedicated to Romania’s rich history. See exhibits from the country’s War of Independence, both World Wars and the communist dictatorship that lasted until 1989. This museum offers much to learn and gives you a new perspective on Romanian culture.

Bucharest offers something for everyone from its lush gardens to its bustling city center. There is something for both the nature lover and city enthusiast. Take time to learn the culture, meet people, and take lots of pictures! Bucharest will be one city you won’t want to forget.

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