5 Awesome places new parents can travel with baby in Europe

5 Awesome places new parents can travel with baby in Europe

by Tiffany Simmons

Just because you add a new and very small addition to the family doesn’t mean you need to give up all your dreams of traveling around the world. When you travel you get to see breathtaking views and experience mindboggling cultures as you travel.

Who's to say that doing all this traveling with your family and baby can’t be an action-packed adventure for everyone. I’ve got listed for you the top five thrilling places in Europe for you to travel with your baby. Get ready to take a wonderful journey because these places know how to give visitors once in a lifetime thrills!

London, U.K.

This is one of the top places to visit when it comes to your children tagging along on this family vacation. They have so many attractions for families that make planning what to do while visiting a breeze.

If you’re the type of family that loves museums then London won’t leave you disappointed. There are over 230 registered institutions of art located in London including The Imperial War Museum, Natural History Museum, The London Transport Museum, and many more for your family to choose from.

With such a rich history they couldn’t just stop at a few museums, the city chose to go the distance. All of the museums are engaging and provide kid-friendly exhibits for your children. If you're looking for tours of castles and other historical places try the Tower of London. Or simply view the city from the London Eye observation wheel if you don't feel like walking.

There's nothing more beautiful than the aerial view of a wonderful place. Take my word for it, you'll want to get on the observation wheel you won't get off disappointed.

Edinburgh, Scotland

If your children love games and toys then you have got to put the Museum of Childhood on your list of attractions to visit. This museum has four different floors that include toys, games and action figures just for kids. Adults can take some time to channel your inner child and enjoy this museum with your children. They will adore you for it.

If you want to tour the city consider taking one of the tours offered by the Edinburg Bus company. It's a bus tour that allows you to hop on and off as it takes you along 24 stops, which is great for your family if you want a closer look at one of the places during the tour.

If you wish to walk consider packing a travel stroller for baby. Using a stroller will allow you to get to different destinations without worrying about your baby becoming tired or worn out from walking. It will also give them a place to nap in case they become tired during the outing.

Paris, France

This city doesn't have to just be the city of love and romance, it can also be the city of quality family vacations. The first thing you should do is take to the famous Eiffel Tower for a tour. Simply looking at it would be boring for your children, but not if they get to go on a tour.

If your children can take a little bit of horror in their lives then consider going on a tour of the catacombs. The tour will take you deep under the city of Paris and your children will get to explore the resting places of some Parisians and their remnants. This may either really excite your children or they will blame you for this traumatic moment for the rest of their lives.

Prague, Czech Republic

Not a place that would pop into parents' thoughts when they first think of a place to take their children on a family vacation. There is a place called Perlin Hill which is like a multilevel fun outdoor place for families to spend their day.

It has a blooming rose garden which makes the perfect backdrop for photos. On the weekends, your children can ride a pony and there is also a life-size maze of mirrors for some wacky fun. If your family is more into astronomy and the stories told by the stars visit Lookout Tower and use the telescopes to spot different galaxies and stars.

The city offers a unique experience as far as getting around. For just 35 koruna for adults and 20 koruna for children (which equals about $1.50), you can take a ride on one of the antique original tram cars to view Prague. These tramcars have been in use since the early 1900s and they show no signs of being thrown away so hop on.

If you need a break from entertaining your kids, try visiting one of the local coffee shops. I suggest this because while you're having a much-needed coffee or tea your children can play at the large outdoor playground which also includes a sandpit, swings, slides, climbing net, and open space to burn off some energy.

Barcelona, Spain

Before visiting this city you should definitely brush up on your Spanish lessons so you and your children can test them out during your visit to the Parc Güell. It's a fun spin on a normal park with all of its colors and sculptures for your children.

If a more laid back kind of adventure is really what you want you should try having a beach day at one of the gorgeous beaches in Barcelona. Splash about and let the sun warm your skin and the sea cool you off.

All you've got to do is hop on one of the cable cars and it will take you and your family right down the beach and back without you having to walk all the way there.








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