4 German castles to visit this fall

4 German castles to visit this fall

by Megan Waterhouse
Stripes Europe

With the fall season comes the changing of leaves and a chill in the air. This weather creates the perfect backdrop for some of Germany’s most beautiful castles.

Schloss Nordkirchen | Photo by IURII BURIAK.

Schloss Nordkirchen

This castle and public park are in the town of Nordkirchen. The town historically was a hub for German and French landscape artists and carpenters. The castle itself has similarities in architecture to the French Baroque style. Guided tours are available through the castle and surrounding gardens. Venus Island is an island garden on the castle grounds in the Neo-baroque style of architecture. This gorgeous garden is known for its many stone sculptures, gardens with intricate greenery designs and the surrounding moat that gives this garden its name. For more information on guided tours of Nordkirchen, visit the castle webpage.

Schloss Heidelberg | Thanawat Chawpetthai.

Schloss Heidelberg

Nestled amongst the trees of Königstuhl hill, overlooking the Neckar Valley stands the red, stone beacon that is Heidelberg Castle. These 19th century ruins showcase fully furnished rooms and beautifully painted ceilings; visitors are transported to a gallery that perfectly encapsulates romanticism. Heidelberg Castle has become a national monument, attracting approximately a million visitors annually with its impressive architecture and gardens. For further visitor information, check out the castle website.

Schloss Grimburg

Built around 1190, Grimburg Castle is in Trier, the oldest city in Germany and the site of the witch trials in 1522. Partial construction of the castle is ongoing, but activities are abundant for visitors. Besides touring the castle grounds, guests may choose to attend the Knight’s banquet, go on group tours and visit the Castle and Witches Museum which gives historical accounts of the witch trials in Trier.

Schloss Stolzenfels | Photo by meinzahn. 

Schloss Stolzenfels

Last but certainly not least is Stolzenfels Castle, a 13th century fort set on the left bank of the Rhine River near Koblenz. It was historically used as a toll fort for water traffic on the river until 1412. In 1689, it was destroyed due to the French military and was not reopened until 1842. When it did open its doors after reconstruction, Frederick William, the Prussian prince and owner of the castle, celebrated the occasion with a ball and elaborate banquet. Following this event, he opened it to the public. Praised for its beautiful floor to ceiling paintings and courtyard garden complete with a large fountain surrounded by lush greenery and flowers, Stolzenfels Castle is a perfect destination for a fall excursion.

With beautiful fall foliage covering the trees and castles to marvel at, you are sure to soak up all the beauty Germany has to offer!

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