25 adventures to add to your European bucket list

25 adventures to add to your European bucket list

by Genevieve Northup
Stripes Europe

Need a boost to get off the sofa and see what is waiting for you? Each month, we’re helping you add 25 must-see adventures to your European bucket. Here is a starter list to inspire you to make your own. 

1. Climb the Arc de Triomphe for views of the Champs-Élysées.

2. Gulp down a hearty meal and beer at Munich’s Hofbräuhaus. 

3. Cruise Italy’s Amalfi coast. 

4. Savor suckling pig in Segovia, Spain. 

5. Celebrate the ceremony of Edinburgh’s Military Tattoo.

6. Have a coffee behind the giant clock of the Musée d’Orsay.

7. Blow your budget buying glamorous fashion in Milan.

8. Cycle along Münsterland’s Route of 100 Castles.

9. Attend a medieval fair at a European castle.

10. See Michelangelo’s David then pose with the copy at Piazza della Signoria in Florence.

11. Recount Harry Potter’s adventures around London.

12. Trek to Mount Olympus, home of the Greek gods.

13. Drive the Scenic Route through the Black Forest.

14. Enjoy a Shakespearean masterpiece at the Globe Theatre.

15. Watch for celebrities along St. Tropez’s beaches.

16. Toast at Bad Dürkheim’s Wurstmarkt, the world’s largest wine festival.

17. Unwind at a waterfront villa in the Canary Islands.

18. Visit the Benedictine abbey of Mont Saint-Michel.

19. Clap, laugh and cheer at a Moulin Rouge cabaret.

20. Whiz down the 15-kilometer Swiss sled run, Big Pintenfritz.

21. Trap and eat king crab in northern Scandinavia.

22. Party with the Dutch on King’s Day (formerly Queen’s Day).

23. Rejuvenate in the thermal Blue Lagoon near Reykjavik, Iceland.

24. Wander the archaeological site of ancient Knossos in Crete.

25. Buy something unique from every destination to remember your visit.

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