24 hours in Prague

24 hours in Prague

by Elizabeth Jones
Stripes Europe

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Maybe you’re taking an express tour or driving to Prague for a quick trip.  When pressed for time, sometimes 24 hours is all you have to explore a city. What should be your “must-do” in Prague, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, in such a short amount of time? Take the guesswork out and follow this list featuring the best of Prague’s sites and delicacies.   

What to see

In the Castle Quarter (Hradčany):

Prague Castle

The castle resides high above the city providing the most spectacular views of Prague’s red-tiled roofs and many spires. Fun fact, it is the largest castle in the world and a UNESCO monument.

St. Vitus Cathedral

This gothic cathedral stands tall within the castle grounds. Take a peek inside to marvel at the beauty of the colorful, stained-glass windows and extravagant, high ceilings.

In the Baroque Lesser Town Quarter (Malá Strana):

Charles Bridge (Karlův most)

Prague’s oldest bridge is decorated with 30 gorgeous statues of saints. Linking the quarters of Lesser Town and Old Town, the bridge is packed with tourists, painters, musicians, jewelry makers and various vendors. For a less crowded experience, visit during sunrise or sunset.

In the historic Old Town Quarter (Staré Město):

Astronomical Clock

Built in 1410, Europe’s oldest astronomical clock lies in the lively Old Town Square. Each hour on the hour, it marks the time with a mechanical, figurine performance in which tourists from all over the world crowd around to witness.

Old Town Hall Tower

Climb 172 stair steps for a one-of-a-kind, panoramic view of Old Town. From up above, see the multicolored houses, a silhouette of the Týn Cathedral, monumental St. Nicholas Church and the vibrant ambiance of Old Town Square filled with exploring tourists, live music and dancers.

What to eat and drink

Trdelníks are a warm, spiraled pastry dusted with cinnamon-sugar. Fill it with sweets such as Nutella, ice cream or caramel sauce. Or, make it savory with eggs, bacon or mozzarella cheese.

Get a trdelník at these bakeries:
Good Food Coffee and Bakery
Creperie U Kajetana

Svíčková is a traditional Czech meal featuring sirloin beef smothered in a creamy vegetable sauce, bread dumplings, sliced lemon, cranberry sauce and a dollop of whipped cream.

Try Svíčková at these restaurants:
Pivnice U Svejku
U Jindkrisske Veze
Restauarace Mincovna

Take a river dinner cruise and enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet of Czech delicacies while relishing in the views of the sparkling Vltava River and enchanting gas lamps lining Charles Bridge.

Drink a cold Czech beer at these popular bars:
Black Angels Bar
Prague Medieval Tavern
Hemingway Bar

Know before you go

- Currency: Czech Koruna (crown).
- ATMs: Banks, city center, airport terminal, main train station and chain hotels.
- Transportation: Metro and Uber. If driving, purchase a vignette at gas stations near the Czech Republic border.
- Perfect souvenir: Czech-crafted Bohemian Crystal.

This 24-hour guide will show you the best of Prague in a time crunch. Prague has an undeniable captivation and charm that is hard to shake, so don’t worry, you’ll be back again!

This wraps up our Countdown to Summer!

ENTER TO WIN a Fuji Film Instax Mini 9 Instant camera in smokey white to document your sightseeing expeditions.

Today's article is sponsored by:


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