24 Hours in Amsterdam

24 Hours in Amsterdam

by Mary Del Rosario
Stripes Europe

Amsterdam, with its hundreds of canals and hipster vibes is a world on its own. Even with all this city has to offer, appreciating it in one day is still possible. Whether you’ve found an inexpensive flight or are using Amsterdam as a pit-stop while exploring the rest of the Netherlands, check out this itinerary to maximize your enjoyment in this beautiful city.


Start your day off by joining a free walking tour with Sandeman’s New Amsterdam Tour.

All that walking got your stomach growling? Head to Piqniq, located in the beautiful Jordaan area, for some delicious breakfast.

Visit the Anne Frank House because you can’t go to Amsterdam and not tour this part of history!

Statue of Anne Frank in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Photo by: 123rf.com/Alexander Tolstykh

Tip: If you know about this upcoming trip, buy tickets to save time. Tickets can be sold months in advance.  

Ready to do some shopping? Saunter down to the Nine Streets, a network of streets that provide charming boutiques and trendy cafes as well as restaurants.  

Tip: Buy the OV chip card to gain unlimited use of Amsterdam’s public transportation. This pass will make sightseeing in a day possible.


This city boasts many canals that need exploring, so book a canal cruise to be a part of this can’t-miss-experience.

Briefly escape the hustle and bustle of this quaint, yet busy city and enjoy a tranquil moment at the green oasis known as Vondelpark.

Check out the Rijksmuseum, a Dutch national museum dedicated to Amsterdam’s history and art. Speaking of museums, if you’re a fan of Banksy’s work, head to the Moco Museum that houses the anonymous English-based graffiti artists’ work.

Looking for a snack to tie you over until dinner? Try their famous stroopwafel, two thin layers of waffles with a caramel filling in the middle.

Carmel filled stroopwafel 

Take the interactive tour at the Heineken Experience to witness first-hand the process of creating this popular beer.


See what makes Amsterdam liberal at the Red-Light District. Tip: Be weary of pick pocketers and your items at this area!

From Asian to Mexican and everything in between, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from, so feeding your stomach for dinner shouldn’t be a problem.

To celebrate a successful day, enjoy cocktails at Vesper Bar, an elegant bar decked out with James Bond memorabilia.

Though charming and old-world, Amsterdam provides plenty of sights and activities to see and do. The best part of living in Europe is that you can always visit this city again if you want to come back for more!



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