In a sea of world-renowned whites, Germany’s red wines often get swallowed up in the mix. That’s a shame because many of these varietals are unique and tasty: call to mind Trollingers and Lembergers from Württemberg and Frühburgunders from Franconia.
Great news for all those looking a bit shaggy these days—as of March 1—hairdressers in the Rhineland-Palatine can once again start practicing their trade. A few other businesses are in luck, too.
Europe comes alive with festivals all year round. Each country celebrates its century-old culture. Families and friends gather in parks, plazas, or in the heart of the cities to remember their traditions and share the stories of their past.
Sometimes you want to plan a weeklong vacation, spending hours doing research and making travel arrangements. Other times you want to simply escape the routine of every day, get some fresh air and feel refreshed and energized.
Bastogne is a picturesque European town perched on the edge of the Ardennes Forest of Belgium.
You’ve arrived in the spectacular Scandinavian city of Stockholm. You only have 48 hours to absorb as much of the Swedish capital as you can. The clock is ticking and it’s time to hit the ground running. Grab your phone, put on your comfy shoes and let’s go!
Feeling stuck for day trip ideas? Make like a drop of water and go with the flow of a river! Wherever there are rivers, history and beauty combine compellingly. Today it’s the Lahn river we’re putting under the microscope.
During spring break a few years ago, my family decided to take a jaunt up to Edinburgh, Scotland for a few days. Unbeknownst to me, I inadvertently booked our lodging on Cockburn Street.
We continue to hang around at home, dreaming of the time when travel’s a go again. We don’t know when, but that glorious day will come, and as you fish around for a theme for your next day trip, let the course of a river be your guide.
When I travel, I typically have a massive itinerary. No matter how many items I check off of my list, is there is always one area or sight that leaves a lasting impression–one I would experience again if I ever got the chance to revisit.
2020. What a year it’s been so far. The unpredictability, risks and unknowns of travel makes travel planning nearly impossible. We are also all home more, giving us extra time to dream about the places we could travel to.
Being at home doesn’t mean you can’t travel. Though currently you can’t hop on a plane or take a bus ride to a new place, there are still thousands of ways for you to experience the world.
History buffs will love visiting la Cité de Carcassonne, France. This medieval citadel has over 2,500 years of history and is surrounded by a double enclosure that stretches for 1.9 miles. It is the largest citadel with walls still completely intact.
Synonymous with the glamour of Paris and rolling vineyards through Epernay and Alsace, there is no shortage of fantastic sights to see in France. For nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, a stop at one of the French National Parks should definitely be on your list.
Located around two hours from both Stuttgart and Munich, the enchanting city of Füssen offers a romantic winter wonderland or dreamy summertime getaway for those looking for a quick trip.