Some people travel to relax at a beach-side resort, or climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower. But consider the world as a series of fabulous flea markets, displaying each culture’s best artifacts.
As swimsuits and tank tops replace scarves and sweaters on store shelves, I find myself lost in daydreams that include tan lines, frosty beverages and sand-sprinkled toes more and more often. Summer is here and I can almost smell the sunscreen and taste the sea salt in the air.
Of all the stunningly scenic corners of the Alps, the Berchtesgadener Land gives all its rivals in beauty a good run for their money.
If you’ve been searching for the perfect place to become one with nature, the historical region of Tyrol in Northern Italy and western Austria is ideal. It was once the country of Tyrol from the 12th century to 1919.
Imagine a visit to a German city that doesn’t include a visit to a market, bar, cafe or restaurant. “What’s the point?” you may ask.
Along the border of Belgium and the Netherlands, in the Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany, lies the remarkable city of Aachen.
Cheery folk singers, strong stouts and friendly locals make Dublin a city many put on their top list of destinations, especially when in Ireland. Whether the city calls you therefor a day or more, these items below should not be overlooked when exploring Dublin.
Much of Europe is easing into the summer holidays and it is a great time to go explore somewhere new. Scotland is known for the rugged Scottish Highlands and city life in Edinburgh and Glasgow.
Known as the “land of a thousand islands,” Croatia is a country filled with beautiful beaches, awe-inspiring natural parks and picturesque cities. Of these cities, Split is one that needs to be put on your Croatian to-do list.
A mere 90 minutes northeast of Edinburgh sits the lovely seaside city of St. Andrews. Most notable as the birthplace of golf, evidence of a tumultuous and riveting past can be found throughout the town. Crumbing castle ruins, one of the oldest universities in the U.K.
When my own longing for travel grows almost too strong to bear, there’s one activity I rely on to help ease the tedium and frustration of being stuck in one place. Cobbling together elaborate itineraries helps me find something to look forward to, even if a vacation seems far away.
Alongside Germany’s greatest rivers, one can reliably find a host of medieval castles, charming villages, steep vineyards and stunning natural beauty. When it comes to delivering all of the above, there’s one river that never leaves one high and dry.
It’s often said that by the time a neighborhood becomes trendy, the cool kids have long since moved on. That may be true, but London’s rough-and-ready yet ever-vibrant Brixton has enough going for it to remain a great place to live and play for locals and tourists alike, well into the future.
Looking for a spontaneous and stress-free excursion from your home base in Wiesbaden? A 14th century castle, cobblestone streets, half-timbered houses and sweeping Rhine views are among the temptations of Eltville, a beguiling village just eight miles west of the Hessian capital.
The vast body of water called "Bodensee" by German speakers and known as Lake Constance in English has attracted international tourists for over a century.
What do the words Donau, Dunaj, Duna, Dunav, Danubio and Tuna have in common? They are all proper nouns describing the same thing in different languages: the awe-inspiring Danube River, source of artistic inspiration and countless legends.