10 Things to know about Paris

Eifel Tower
Eifel Tower

10 Things to know about Paris

by Mary Del Rosario
Stripes Europe


  1. A croissant or Pain au Chocolat is the breakfast of choice for many Parisians, which can be found at any “boulangerie,” bakery.  
  2. For a more relaxed travel experience, it’s best to take the train. Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est are the popular train stations in Paris.
  3. Be wary of games such as the cup game near touristy places. Oftentimes, they are a scam and provide an easy distraction for pickpockets.
  4. The French are very proud of their language, so learning basic pleasantries and exchanges will go a long way when navigating the city.
  5. Don’t be upset if a restaurant is closed for lunch as many partake in “sieste”—resting hours during midday. Some businesses may close for two to four hours every afternoon.
  6. There are 20 Arrondissement (neighborhoods) in Paris. The First Arrondissement is the most admired one, housing popular attractions such as the Louvre and the Royal Palace.
  7. The origin of Paris' nickname, The City of Light, is believed to come from the Age of Enlightenment, when many intellectuals lived here.
  8. Be aware when taking the metro as stops are not announced—it’s best to count them.
  9. The Paris Pass will be a money and time saver as it gives you free entry to over 60 attractions and tours.
  10. Locals recommend you do not visit in August since many businesses are closed for their holiday. August is also one of the hottest months.

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