10 things to know about Amsterdam

10 things to know about Amsterdam

by Mary Del Rosario
Stripes Europe
  1. There are over 160 Grachten, canals, in Amsterdam—more than Venice. To make the most of exploring this city, take a canal cruise.
  2. Because the city is trying to discourage cars, parking is expensive (about 65 euros a day). Consider taking the train and when you get there, it’s best to do as the locals do and rent a bike to meander your way through the streets. Be sure to wear a helmet!
  3. The Anne Frank House is a popular tourist attraction, so booking tickets online in advance guarantees an easier experience.
  4. Because the Dutch were heavily taxed on the width of their property in the 17th century, the houses were made to be one meter wide to save money.
  5. There are over 2,500 houseboats throughout the city, some of which are Airbnbs.
  6. For those who love cats, De Poezenboot is a cat sanctuary that houses cats on a boat. You are allowed to adopt these furry felines.
  7. Looking for coffee and cake at the coffee shops? Check what kind of shop you’re headed into, as many coffee shops sell primarily cannabis.
  8. However, if you’re looking for a  pastry to go with your coffee, try a stroopwafel, two thin waffles that are sandwiched together with a gooey caramel filling in the center.
  9. If visiting the Keukenhof gardens during this time of the year, it’s possible to take the train or bus from Amsterdam to the gardens. If taking the bus for the Tour & Tickets hop & go option, it departs at De Ruijterkade 34 and will cost 37.50 euros.
  10. Albert Cuyp market is the largest market in Amsterdam and houses many items ranging from books to tulip bulbs.

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