10 Reasons to love Capri

10 Reasons to love Capri

by Mary Del Rosario
Stripes Europe

Located in the Bay of Naples is the dazzling island of Capri. From the jagged landscapes too beautiful to put into words to the swanky restaurants housing delicious Italian cuisine, these reasons will entice you to book your ticket to a getaway you never knew you needed.  

  1. Any dish you eat will be finger-licking good, from pasta to seafood.  
  2. The views you capture from Mount Solaro will be the star of your Instagram feed.
  3. Piazza Umberto, the main square in Capri, is always buzzing and is peppered with bars and restaurants.
  4. It’s the perfect backdrop to enjoy a nice limoncello after dinner.
  5. You can feel glamourous by taking a boat tour to see the breathtaking Faraglioni Cliffs.
  6. The Grotta Azzura, or the Blue Grotto, is any adventure seeker’s dream.   
  7. Though pebbly, the Marina Grande Beach provides crystal-clear water.
  8. Via Krupp, a paved footpath, should not be missed to see gorgeous views of the island.
  9. Villa Jovis, a Roman palace, is rich in history. 
  10. Gelato. That is all.

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