Last year was our first holiday season in Germany. My mother-in-law told me in earnest about the amazing Christmas markets that seemed to magically pop up mid- to late-November.
There is no need to travel far to experience magical Christmas markets. We have highlighted several near U.S. military installations you’re sure to enjoy. 
With leaves rapidly changing to vibrant colors and chilly brisk mornings, autumn has arrived in Germany. What better way to celebrate the changing of seasons than with a festival!
Located just 30 minutes from Ramstein Air Base, the Hitscherhof Bed & Breakfast and Farmers Outlet hosts an annual two-day pumpkin and corn festival Sept. 22-23 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Once Rodenbach’s best-kept secret, the annual Kulinarisch Wanderung has gained popularity with Americans in the Kaiserslautern Mi
Growing up in a crafty family, I caught the craze at an early age. Grandma introduced me to quilting by showing me how to sew the fabric squares together on the machine.
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CYS programs
Considering buying a home while stationed in Europe? Right now is a good time to look for homes to purchase.
Living in Europe certainly has its perks — good food, exciting places to explore, a new language to learn.
Kaiserslautern, the fifth biggest city of the Rhineland-Palatinate and home to the largest presence of American armed forces outside o
Whether you’ve lived in the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC) for two weeks or two years, odds are you’ve probably ventured into downtown Kaiserslautern.
School is almost out for summer, so why not kick it off with a little family fun? Grab the sunscreen and euros, and head outside! Just a few minutes from Ramstein Air Base is serene Seewoog.
If you love old cars, the weekend of June 16 is the one for you. Kaiserslautern Classics is revving up for its 11th annual exhibition all weekend and 6th annual Rallye Trifels race on June 17.
With warm sunshine making a more regular appearance, break out the sunscreen and head to downtown Kaiserslautern for some fantastic fun in the sun.
Spring has sprung and so has annual German road construction. Road crews are popping up faster than poppies in a field.