At first, you might be thrilled that your family has agreed to make the trek across the ocean. You may have your heart set on going to certain locations and showing your family just how truly amazing Germany can be.
I’m no culinary professional. My palate is not very sophisticated. I can make an amazing macaroni and cheese, but I’ll never be a judge on “Chopped.” Somehow, I don’t think, “That was awesome!”, “Meh…” or “Dude, you shouldn’t bother serving that to anyone else.” would fly on that show.
One of the greatest joys (or perhaps disagreements) of traveling is planning where to eat. The obvious choice in Cologne is German food. For those of us that have been living in Germany for a while, we know that German food gets old pretty quick.
Community members can enjoy more flexibility with their workout schedules thanks to increased after-hours access at two U.S.
If you are planning to travel the globe with your faithful friend, it makes sense to consider which traits will be the most helpful during your adventures. 
So you’re finally a (rising) senior. Congratulations! You’ve made it to a major milestone of your American teenage years. It’s your turn to rule the school.
Tired of spending countless hours planning a trip everyone can agree on? Looking to embark on a new solo adventure? Europe has many locations that are great for solo travelers.
Summer’s here and there’s no shortage of places to visit while in Europe. Packed with sights and good food, Venice, Italy is one hot spot that has it all.
I dumped the contents of my purse onto the bed. Although I should have been, I wasn’t surprised to see what tumbled out: two Skittles; an empty package of baby wipes; a deflated balloon; a set of matchbox cars; a solitary plastic dinosaur; a package of crumbled peanut butter crackers with a smeared...
Seasoned weekend trippers know the value of traveling light. But even those winging it on a budget airline flight know there are some things it pays to have along in a travel kit.
Summer is here which means sundresses, shorts and the world’s most contentious shoe, the flip-flop. What you may not know about everyone’s favorite toe-thong shoe, it dates all the way back to 1,500 B.C. with the ancient Egyptians.
The final school bell has rung and the initial joy and excitement has been replaced with the inevitable, “I’m bored.” Here are a few ideas to help keep your kids busy and your sanity in tact without reaching for the electronics:
Make chores fun.
There are so many things that I regularly miss about the United States. The first that comes to mind is Chipotle and agreeing every single time to pay extra for guacamole. I also wouldn’t mind eating an entire Godfather’s taco pizza.
HOHENFELS, Germany – The staff of the U.S. Army Health Clinic Hohenfels, also known by their nickname, Cobras, pride themselves as an organization leading the way.
The wondrous waters and whitewashed towns of Greece total up to 6,000 islands. These golden beaches that you’ve seen in movies and pictures lure in travelers who want to explore the islands from all over the globe.
With school out for the summer, thinking of creative ways to entertain children isn’t always easy, but not every parent wants their kid watching hours of cartoons every day. Use this as a guide to grab your kid’s interest this summer.