Military life is such a transient one. We move every three to five years, which sometimes leaves spouses looking for a new job just as often. This can be extremely challenging!
It’s that time of the year again. Lines at the Exchange are full of shoppers crossing notebooks, pencils, backpacks and new school clothes off of their lists. However, it’s not just children who return to classes at this time. Military members and spouses are also getting back to the books.
As exciting as living in Europe can be, the honeymoon phase tends to fade away for most spouses once they’ve realized how difficult it can be to progress in their career field.
The holiday gift-giving season can be a particularly trying time for those shopping for teens. But don’t stress. Cool gift ideas abound, no matter what your teens’ tastes and interests are. Here are a few to consider.
For Athletes
Often military families are so preoccupied with the logistics of PCSing, that the academic needs of the child gets overlooked. Here are a few quick tips to help your child have a smooth take-off from their current school, and a soft landing in his/her new school.
Are you a parent who works long hours? A single parent? A parent with several children? Or just one of the many busy parents trying to keep up with the demands of everyday life?
Near the end of my junior year of high school, I received news that shook my 17-year-old world. Despite seemingly unbreakable promises made to me when I began high school in the States, my family was slapped with a new set of orders. We were moving right before the start of my senior year.
Have a little one going into kindergarten next year? Check out these 10 fast facts about DODEA's program:
1. Kindergarten is a full day program.
2. Kindergarten enrollment is not required. It is a parent decision.
Families stationed in Europe typically send their children to the Department of Defense Education Activity Schools. Access the DODEA Eligibility Information.
Here it is!! The big day. You may be really excited about this or really nervous. Just remember – there is a whole group of new people, not just you, so you don’t need to feel like they are all staring at you.
Some duty stations in Europe do not have DOD schools in some or all grades. Dependent students in these locations are served by the Non-DOD Schools Program (NDSP) which provides access to English language educational options. This program is not available to local civilian hires.
Do you want a graduate education you can put instantly and daily to use? How about one that enables you to consume and understand current events and contribute to critical discourse about them?
Deployments are never easy, no matter if it is your first, or if you and your spouse have weathered a few assignments together.
Keep your child’s summer fun with programs available through Army Child, Youth and School Services and Force Support Squadron Youth Services!
CYS programs
Learning loss is the summertime fear of every teacher. While your little ones have spent the summer months playing outside or at the local pool, chances are some learning loss has occurred.
The last of the boxes have been taped and your household goods are on their way to a new installation. If you’re like a lot of mil spouses, that means you’re realizing that you have to start your job search all over, once again.