Moving to Europe was only the beginning of our adventure when my husband and I arrived. Transferring from our last base to a new unit and country was also challenge. We were embracing civilian life for the first time after his transition out of the army.
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Germany’s most popular tourist route, the Romantische Straße, stretches nearly 350 kilometers from Würzburg to Füssen. While it follows an old medieval trade route, the Romantic Road, as it is known in English, is relatively young.
Kleinbrauermarkt / Brewer’s Market
May 3-5, Ulm
Some 14 regional brewers adhering to traditional methods showcase their potent wares next door to Ulm’s towering cathedral.
Getting behind the wheel of an automobile and heading out for the daily commute might be one of the most common ways to travel. But, there can be ways to get to work that are a lot more fun and can actually work to improve your health and well-being!
The world of volunteering can be overwhelming, even more so if you have children. We, as responsible parents, want to teach our kids to be generous with our time and resources, but we are sometimes turned away from serving if we have young children.
Edinburgh, Scotland’s hilly capital is a beautiful medieval city that offers rich history, breathtaking attractions and a low-budget trip! Check out this itinerary of wallet-friendly activities to enjoy.       
Every year, villages across Germany close sections of their roads and take part in auto-free days.
Now that the warm, mild weather has arrived, village paths and trails are starting to see more traffic. As the days grow longer, so does the amount of time local residents spend outdoors.
Being stationed overseas does not mean that there is a lack of exciting, educational and entertaining summer activities for school-age kids.